Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Single Payer Lecture

I don't know who the Democrats think they are fooling. There is no debate. They are lying from the start about their conversion of the US Healthcare system to a Single Payer Nightmare. They are not honest. They started the lies about Swastikas and Nazi symbolism, and now are decrying that it entered the public forum.

Sick and sad, but to be expected when they are dishonest from the first words out of Obama's mouth.

If you can't acknowledge what is in HR32oo, then you aren't debating, you are demogoguing.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Duke Pervert Offers Adopted Son For Sex on Internet

This is the Homosexual Pedophile agenda in a nut shell. This is what GLAD, the LGBT weirdos, and truthfully a lot of Liberal Democrats support. I wonder how soon Obama will pardon Mr. Lombard?

Where are the 88 Duke professors who were persecuting the Duke Lacrosse team? Where are those Democrat activists?

You don't have to ask Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Ther are sniffing around the Jackson camp looking for pieces (Drudge had a picture,, of Sharpton "grinding" a woman at the Apollo in NYC at a Jackson "memorial".) of the Jackson estate.

Meanwhile, why isn't Child Protective Services in North Carolina going into the Homosexual commune and confiscating all the children like it was a Mormon Polygamist colony?

Where is the outrage about a White Homosexual Pedophile adopting a Black boy because they are easier to get, and they don't tell the authorities on you?

Why isn't the Government of North Carolina cleaning out Duke of its perverts and bigots?

Saturday, June 27, 2009

There is No Such Thing As A Decent, Honest, Moral Democrat

Just laying it out there. If there were any, they would be storming their party leaders and representatives demanding they do right, not the constant wrong since November.

He Left Them To Die

Obama left the Sea of Green in Iran to die at the thugs' hands. If Obama has a conscience, that is what is keeping him up at night, not fretting about paying for his massive spending binge.

Obama never intended to pay, just punish the producers with taxes. The man hates America, Capitalism, and Judeo-Christian everything.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Media Proves it is in the Tank for Obama

ABC is refusing to allow anything but Obama's propaganda on their "special" (more like the "Church Lady's" 'Isn't that SPECIAL!') on Health care. ABC is going as far as to refuse to sell time to anyone with an opposing view point. This is more than an Obama Infomercial. I think the RNC ought to try to get a Federal Injunction to force ABC to either sell time and make the DNC pay for the Special or make equal time during the special for opposing plans and facts. We all know Obama is a liar.

Next is the flap with the Flint Journal. Their reporter FALSELY claimed Rush Limbaugh came up with the idea to bulldoze 40% of Flint to preserve city resources and make city services sustainable. The paper even shutdown comments on their article telling the paper that the story was completely bogus. In fact, I posted Sunday a different URL stating the same thing that Limbaugh read from.

Not only did the paper refuse to back off its propaganda, nothing else to fairly describe it, they quoted the county official who pushed the idea who blamed Limbaugh for the idea, and that was contacted by the Obama administration to do the same idea in up to 50 other US cities.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Irresponsible Liberals

Yes, by their own protestations, Liberals are not responsible for any of the damage they do. Liberals are never responsible for anything except more misery.

Watch, Obama's bankrupting the US and the Libs will blame the evil Wall Street Jooooossssssssss.

Michigan, The Result of Liberal Government

Canadian import, Gov. Granholm, has ruined and bankrupted Michigan to the point where counties have to revert paved primary roads to gravel roads to save money.

I don't know if you have ever driven a gravel road year 'round, but they are hard on cars, prone to potholes and washouts, and hard to keep clear in winter.

If anything bespeaks failure of Liberal policies, it is America's car capital reverting to gravel roads.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Liberals Turn Good Into Bad

Only the perverted mind of a Liberal can turn a good thing, sex, into a weapon of hate. That Playboy list of Conservative Women to Hate F*ck is more proof that Liberalism is a sickness fueled by hate. I've always said no one hates like a Liberal.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Obama Flunked Econ 101

Obama is now saying that Congress can borrow to cover deficits. Well, buddy, that is not "Pay as you go", that is "I will gladly pay you on Tuesday for a Hamburger today!"

If you don't know where the 2nd quote came from, you are too young. Go eat your spinach.

When will Obama be held accountable for his lies?

Monday, June 8, 2009

Who Said Democrats Obey The Law?

In NY, the Democrats were ousted as the majority in the state's senate. To try to forestall the action, the Democrats turned out the lights and RAN!

When Willie Brown organized a coup in the California Legislature, the GOP didn't act like spoiled children, they worked their way through it and recalled the turncoat made speaker by Brown.

The NY Democrats are not serving the people, just as the Democrats in Texas who ran to Oklahoma rather than see a redistricting plan enacted that eliminated some of their gerrymandering. Each one of those Democrats ought to have been stripped of their office for running to OKLAHOMA.

All Democrats ought to be voted out of office and placed in mental institutions if they can't handle being deprived of power.

Supreme Court Rule in Bias Case To Bite Sotomayor

Now, the article is about the ruling by the Supreme Court, 5 to 4 that judges must recuse themselves when large contributors have a case before them, and that the victimized party can sue to have such a judge removed from the case. I actually agree with the Libs on this one.

Where they won't agree with me is that Ginsburg and Sotomayor would have to recuse themselves from any ACLU Case (Ginsburg) or any MALDEF/LaRaza/MeCHa case (Sotomayor).

Also, this ruling will narrow the list of Supreme Court Candidates for Obama and future Presidents. A smart President is not going to nominate judges with bias baggage to any Federal bench because the Senate can raise the bloody shirt of Bias Recusals.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Another Obama Soak The Rich Scheme

Obama won't quit until he reduces America to Zimbabwe. He wants to tax the producers of wealth to fund his give away of "free" health care to the Democrat voting poor. He doesn't believe that the rich will change their domiciles like Sen. Tom Harkin does to avoid taxes, yet be certified a citizen of Iowa by a Democrat Election official.

When there is no funds coming, like the last time the Democrats pulled this stunt with their Luxury tax to start the Clinton years, unemployment coffers ran dry, tax receipts plumeted, and the taxed businesses almost went out of business. Democrats are idiots.

Will someone make all the Obama tax cheats pay these taxes, like Charlie Rangel, Geithner,...?

Will Obama tax away Actor's and Producer's pay when they make over $500,000?

How about a 25% surcharge on large contributions to the Democrat party? Will the Democrats be true Socialists, or money grubbing Nazis?

The Protector of Mecca and Medina Plays Coy Game With Obama

The Saudi King knows Obama is a good little Kenyan Muslim and obedient. He knows that telling Obama to impose a solution means for the US to destroy Israel for the Arabs so that the Arabs don't have to fail at killing the Jews anymore.

Barack Hussein Obama is SNUBBED in Saudi Receiving Line

Just look for yourselves. Only one man passing by wishes to shake hands with Obama. He just wasn't the star of the show next to the Protector of Mecca and Medina.

The Saudis know an Apostate Empty Suit when they see and hear one.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Cuban Moles (Spys) Caught

For 30 years the Meyers spied for Castro. This is a bi-partisan failure to detect such people. Eventhough they are in their 70s, they should both have to do hard time upon conviction.

I wonder how many of our agents this couple got killed?

Hillary Clinton needs to clean out the Anti-American Traitors and Spies out of the State Department now. Nixon wasn't wrong about the State Department, and things have not gotten any better since then.

GE Persecutes Critical Media

Where I work, GE is a two letter swear word. This is one corporation that makes money in spite of themselves.

GE pushed the 6 sigma program to eliminate mistakes with their supplyers and trading partners. Too bad they didn't listen themselves. None of their divisions interface well with the others.

We had a simple project with them, automate Remittance Advices to go with the EFT payments we make to them. It took 6 months to do what it takes usually a week or less to do with much smaller companies. My opinion, too much dead wood in their management ranks.

Maybe GE ought to look at eliminating the dead wood starting with Immelt.

If GE corporate can't take a little questioning from the shareholders, maybe a complete corporate financial audit is in order. Find out what Immelt is hiding, especially with NBC/Universal.

Actually NBC should be owned by GM for damages caused by that stunt with the rigged explosion of a Chevy pickup truck

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Raise Taxes and Chase Jobs Out Of The Country

Obama and his assorted pinheads do not know what they are doing. The think companies are going to sit still and pay higher taxes. BULL! They will move the jobs to a more hospitable tax climate outside of the US.

There is no Constitutional way Obama can order companies not to shift jobs out of the country. Once a job is overseas, it is gone leaving a US citizen unemployed.

Licensing Tax Preparers

This is a real no brainer. If the tax forms were not so complicated in the first place, you wouldn't need tax preparers with PhD's in tax law to fill out your tax forms.

Congress, take your craniums out of your rectums. Make the tax laws simple. Stop hiding how you are ripping off the people and playing Karl Marx.

Obama Dealer Scam

Now, why is it so hard for the Obamists, the Democrat Party, Government Motors and UAW Motors, and Obama to truthfully explain why all these dealers have to be shuttered IMMEDIATELY?

Let's look at who the surviors donated to versus who the victims donated to, then how many cars they were selling. You will see Obama getting even with donors who didn't donate to him.

How does fewer dealers lower manufacturer costs when the dealers have to BUY the cars from the manufacturers and take out loans to finance the cars until they are sold?

How do you justify the short window to sell the cars because GM and Chrysler are not taking back their cars or shipping them to other dealers who will pay the invoice price for them?

This is another Obama shaft of the people.

It is Obama's Actions, NOT Words You Have To Watch

Two shootings in the US.

Dr. Tiller is killed by a gunman. Obama and Eric Holder order extra security for places that kill babies. Can't have these killers of the innocent unprotected.

Two soldiers in uniform, are shot, one killed on an Arkansas street in front of a recruiting office. Obama and Holder do nothing and say nothing. See, to them, the protectors of America and America's freedoms are clay pigeons to be shot at will. They are disposable, just like Obama's last lie.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Israel In A BInd

I think Obama is selling out Israel, and not even getting a Monica in return. Obama will say yes to anything the Protector of the Holy Cities of Mecca and Medina wants. Ergo, Israel might as well move to NYC or march into the sea.

With Obama saying Iran can have nukes, when do the fireworks begin? Clinton and Carter let North Korea have nukes and look what we have now. World War 3 is coming just like Chamberlain invited WW2. Obama is our Chamberlain.

Now, I had a thought/question. If Israel realizes they only have one shot to save themselves, do they assassinate Obama to get rid of the sellout? They are dead if they do nothing. They are probably dead if they nuke Iran. What are their odds of survival after taking out Obama?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

More Questions To Ask Sotomayor (that won't be asked)

1. Is the Bill of Rights a restriction upon Government or very limited rights granted the people.

2. How does Redistribution of Wealth as the President espouses fit under the Constitution?

3. What is to prevent you from coloring your decisions with your racist views?

4. Which rights trump the other: Government Rights or Private Property Rights?

5. What is Treason in your eyes?

6. What crimes are acceptable to you if committed by a minority?

Domestic Act of War?

In Arkansas two soldiers were shot by a yemeni trained Jihadist. An American jail convert to Islam. Isn't anyone checking on what these Islam prosletizers are saying in the jails and prisons?

This is one of many terrorist actions carried out by jail converts to Islam. Why isn't dear Janet and her Homeland security people putting this catagory of people on the national watch list? Could it be because they are Black and Muslim that Obama has ordered them to be protected from federal agencies?

As for the Arkansas shooter, put him in front of a military tribunal. When convicted, escort him to a waiting firing squad, and carry out the sentence.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

If They Are So Harmless...

The Idiot Left is pushing for release of the Gitmo detainees. Well, if Obama think they are so harmless, why doesn't he board one of the high profile violent ones in the Lincoln bedroom without the Secret Service buffer between Apostate Obama, his family, and Democrat Jews like Rahm Emanuel? Let him prove they are so safe by putting his life on the line as well as those around him before he endangers the American Public.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Car Industry

If Obama's goal is to reserve cars for rich elitists and politicians, he'll be moving to take away cars from the people not by banning them, but by making the current fleet too expensive to use and the new cars too crappy for the public's needs and taste.

Expect a Government Motors and UAW motors to come out with single person vehicles that are impractical in all ways, and "family vehicles that hold 2 adults and maybe a baby.

Ford will be under attack through CAFE standards, CO2 standards, union assault, and taxation. Unless Ford fights back by being super profitable and successful, they'll be bigger losers than the Lions.

Obama can't afford anymore political stunts like killing dealerships that didn't fund his campaign. That was a childish and stupid move on his part. He'll have to backtrack or payoff the dealers he damaged and destroyed. Unfortunately, it will be with taxpayer funds, not DNC coffers and Obama's personal wealth.

Obama and his car team better get a quick tutoring on economics. Pushing the parts suppliers like Visteon into bankruptcy is not going to help the Democrats at election time. There are thousands that will be laid off that won't be able to find jobs. They'll be angry and looking to get even with the idiots (Democrats) that killed their companies.

I would like to see the parts companies fight back through SEMA. They should market their parts through existing trade shows and market upgrade kits to keep older vehicles on the road. Maybe make upgrade kits that make that old Pontiac perform better and cheaper than GM made it.

Ford is putting a new 6 speed transmission in their cars. Why can't the transmission makers make an adaptation of that transmission for older Fords? Hey, My 97 T-Bird could use a 6 speed when my current overdrive 4 speed dies.

What do you say parts makers? Are you up to my challenge, or are you willing to die because you aren't in Obama's plans?

Friday, May 29, 2009

Obama Setting Democrats Up For Big Losses

Obama has made promises to the little people he can't keep. They are hurting. They want relief, and they want it now, not a President partying every Wednesday night on expensive food and drink on the public's dime.

People bought Obama's BS, but look out when they want a refund.


A newspaper blog I used to post at is asking its posters if they want some of the banned posters back. As one of the banned, you never asked if I want to come back.

It is rather presumptious of the editor to think that I'd want to come back to a place that is obviously tilted to the left and that I can't call them as I see them. My "sin" was calling a poster who thinks it is perfectly all right to give aid and comfort to the enemy in a time of war a traitor and to wish that the evil that his actions facilitate befall upon him first. Sorry, but if you can't handle honesty, "go 'way son, you're botherin' me!"

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Flag Outrage!

This is a see for yourself moment.

A Texas woman was shocked to find her US Flag removed from her office and then had to retrieve it FROM THE FLOOR OF HER SUPERVISOR'S OFFICE!!

I am wondering why the NONCITIZEN FROM AFRICA who took down the flag and the hospital supervisor who left the flag on the floor aren't fired?

I am also wondering why the press isn't showing the picture of these people when they have to show the faces of people who defend their property with a gun?

I notice there is NO DEFENSE OF THE FLAG BY ANY DEMOCRAT. Where are any Consgressman, US Senator, or Obama/Biden? Are they all too busy thinking of higher taxes and liberties they can take away from the public rather than stand up for the US Flag?

The woman risked her job and all in defense of this flag. Many REAL AMERICANS are rallying to her defense, as they should. Where are you?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How To Apply Racism In The Supreme Court

Sotomayor wants to apply her brand of racism to Supreme Court Decisions and call it empathy. Justice is supposed to be blind. The US Supreme Court is not a trier of fact but interpreter of US Constitutional law.

On this point alone, Sotomayor and Obama ought to be barred from the Supreme Court and from practicing before it.

Obama Admits Sotomayor is a Bad Choice!

Barack Obama has realized that Sonia Sotomayor is a bad choice for the Supreme Court. He wants her confirmed before she is thoroughly examined by the Senate and the public. He's putting on the "Bum's Rush" to get her on the court before the Public starts applying heat to the Senate.

Maybe there ought to be a Constitutional Amendment where by NO ONE can be confirmed by the Senate until all their papers are made public, all their tax returns are made public, all their medical records are made public, all their Military records are made public, and then a list of mandatory questions to be answered are answered. Like "where is policy made?" "Absent of written law, how do you resolve a question of law?" "Does Race, Religion, Gender or Sexual Orientation trump the written law?"

Those are just a few questions that should be asked of ANY Supreme Court Nominee, but there are more. I am hoping that not only will they appear in comments, but that they will be asked of Ms. Sotomayor during her PUBLIC confirmation hearings, not the back door deal Obama has ordained.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

No Wonder He Won't Release His College Records

I see why Obama won't release his college records and papers. He doesn't want the world to see that he FLUNKED Constitution Law.

Obama selected the only judge he could find that makes Obama look like a legal genius. Sotomayor has a worse percentage of being overturned than the 9th Circus does. Now, THAT IS BAD!!!!

You would think that Obama would nominate the best judge he could find, not the worst.

Now we will see who the Democrat Senators serve. Do they serve the Constitution they've sworn to uphold, or the party and the empty suit that leads it?

Racist Obama Picks A Racist For the Supreme Court

No surprise! Obama is a Racist who hates whites. Sotomayor is a Racist who hates whites. Both are supported by Colin Powell who supported Obama because he was Black.

Sotomayor may be the first Justice impeached and removed from the Supreme Court when a Congress is elected that views judges and Justices not upon their politics, race, religion or sexual preference, but upon how they follow and that they interpret the law using the US Constitution as their guide ONLY!

Obama, Gelding or Stud?

This is the question before the world. Does this President have the moral and intellectual balls to stand up to the crises-du-jour, or is he going to emulate Neville Chamberlain and give the world away to Evil?

I believe Obama, after a party where he dines on "way cool" beef and expensive cocktails is going to ask what can we give Kim Mentally-Ill and Mr. "I'm in a dinner jacket" to shut up and go away. Problem is that appeasing these representatives of Evil will not stop, nor will there be peace as long as they are alive and the terror states they represent can wage Nuclear War.

Well, Mr. Obama, "What you gonna do?"

OK, Let's Get To Work!

Sue me! I took the Memorial Day weekend to go to a wedding, celebrate my youngest's High School Graduation, get my family together for the first time in too long of time, and I paid my respects to my father and other vets Monday morning.

In all I spent 24 hours in my cars. Maybe I'll tell you what went wrong with the "Parts Bin Special" another day.

While I didn't listen to the pundits or the President, I did hear that people are tired of being unemployed, tired of being taxed and not getting anything for it, and that broken things aren't being fixed.

My answer is to sweep the Democrats and RINOs from office and try a real Conservative agenda, not raging socialism, not Moderates and their 1000 sets of direction, and definitely not big government RINOs.

Let's directly address problems, injustices, and broken laws, not point fingers, convene truth commissions, listen to Hollywood big mouths, or listen to surrendercrat "euroweenies".

Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's All in the Nuance

Joe Biden is the missing link between Humans and Space(d) Aliens.

How many ways can you nuance that statement?

Who's Lying Now?

I have one question no one seems to be asking. How come it is accepted that the CIA lied about briefing Pelosi on waterboarding of AlQaeda, yet the CIA was infallible truth tellers about Mr. and Mrs. Valerie Plame and their claims that Valerie didn't request her husband be sent to debunk Iraq buying yellowcake uranium?

I think Pelosi should go and be investigated for wrong doing. I think Rangel ought to go, too, but then when do the "Most Ethical Congress Ever" actually practice Ethics?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Obama's Trickle Down Unemployment

This is not theory or rhetoric. You will see starting with the employees of the dealers being the first in the unemployment line. Next comes all the people these employees used to purchase goods and services from. The restaurant workers who no longer serve these people meals. The stores that no longer have these trickle down unemployed as customers, etc.

But it takes the voters to make the Democrats who brought this about unemployed too! Every Democrat you put and keep in office will be used as proof Obama Trickle Down Unemployment and unending bailouts works to tax America into prosperity.

Oh, I didn't add in the reduced volume of parts fewer dealerships will require. That means many companies in Chrysler's supply chain will lay off employees and/or close which causes the unemployment to cascade to other communities.

Government won't be collecting taxes from these people. Federal and State Governments will make more expendatures that government coffers don't have the money to pay for in unemployment and welfare benefits.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

No Affirmative Action For Liberal Commenters

At Patterico's Pontifications, Guest Blogger DRJ explains her rules. I have nothing wrong with that or that she posted her rules. I do disagree with giving Liberal Commenters Affirmative Action to be jerks, boors, liars, cheats, sockpuppets, and otherwise Liberal Democrats. Here's the URL to the specific post:

I like DRJ. I think both Scott Jacobs and FMFNavyDoc also like DRJ. With that, I am taking the focus of this post off DRJ. This post is not intended to at all castigate DRJ. I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

I do not believe that Liberal Commenters need any more "rights" or privileges to be accepted than anyother commenter. That Liberals demand such a concession is more evidence that they are losers in the arena of ideas and that they can't debate or behave normally.

Liberals have all the venues they need to post their cartoons as comments, Libel Conservatives, post lies and half truths, photoshop documents like the faked Obama Birth Certificate, and just be nasty name callers. I don't believe that if they can't take their own medicine that they have to be protected. If they feel they have to be able to dish it out with out taking the same in return, then what they dish out is not worth posting, and if they are too baby-ish, then they need not come here either.

Usually Liberals love to have Conservatives banned from commenting at any open venue for comment. They can't win in an environment where you have to have honesty, proof, and civility. That is one reason you don't see them here.

I don't accept wikipedia as proof, nor do I accept any posts or cut-and-pastes from Liberal Propaganda sites. With that weapon denied them most Liberals are defenseless and compound that with my not allowing them to lie here, they don't come here.

I do welcome debate, but HONEST debate.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Another Fake Vet Who Supported Democrat Campaigns Discovered

The Democrats have to admit that another Fake Vet led their campaigns. The Dems are so short of real veterans that they rush these fakes without vetting them. Just as a national media outlet also rushed an anti-war fake vet to headline that outlet's anti-war coverage.

Democrats lie and love liars who agree with them. If the Democrats had any honor they would undo the damage by resigning and running in the next election sans their fakes.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Scott Jacobs, I Salute You

Ok, this is the first time I'm doing a title link. I hope it works, otherwise:

Friend and contributor the Jury Talks Back, Scott Jacobs, is enlisting in the Marines at age 30! Please join me in toasting Recruit Jacobs.

Won't Somebody Rein In This Boy???

The posterboy for irresponsible spending got $800,000 more for the airport named after him to repave a slightly used runway. John Murtha has plowed MILLIONS into this nearly unused airport. The airport at the end of the Bridge to Nowhere has more air traffic! Austin Straubel Airport in Green Bay and Dubuque Regional Airport have more flights and get less funding than the Murtha Airport.

The words, "Responsible Spending" is a blood libel coming out of the mouths of Liberal Democrats.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hipocritical Leftie Humor

Excuse me, but if someone made a joke about Joe Biden shooting and torturing friends, not only would they be condemned in and out of the media, but the Secret Service would be paying them a call. Why does Obama not only get a pass, but applause? Is it because he's Black? A Socialist? A Leftie Boor?

This reminds me of Willie Brown out in California making racist jokes while Speaker of the CA Assembly. The press corps laughed at all the jokes. When questioned about their behavior, the press lied about it. I especially questioned the reporter from the Orange County Register's behavior and lie to the paper's ombudsman. The reporter lied only to be caught in that lie when radio station KOGO played the newsconference including the press' laughter. To his credit, Pat Riley, the Register Ombudsman retracted the denial and chastised the reporter for lying.

If only the major media, newspapers, and magazines had honest ombudsmen (and women) who would do the same job holding the media to a modicum of decent behavior and honesty. They don't. You don't have to look. In fact, the ombud for the LA Times is a liar, too.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

I'm Tired of Obama's 2nd Stringer's Mistakes

In fmfnavydoc's blog, Obama's idiots start passing around a story of the Saudi King meeting with an Israeli Official while in the US. You would think these idiots would know to keep such things quiet. They don't.

I don't know how much diplomacy between Israel and the Arab world was blown to smithereens because some Obama yap had to open their mouth to the press to be a big shot. There are some initiatives that have to be kept quiet to work. Obama's people don't know this as they are all trying to carve themselves a piece of the limelight like their boss, Obama.

I also am holding it against this administration that they campaigned that they had an answer for everything. Well, where are the answers? How many trillions of dollars have to be wasted before we call this man and his travelling road show a failure and sweep him and his acolytes from office?

Why Did I Do The Ads?

I decided to get an idea of how many people were reading my blog by putting the ads on it. I figure 1 in 10 checkout the ads. I may be off, but it is not a big deal to me. I was curious, and I tried it.

End of explanation.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Why Isn't The Obama Administration Considered a Bunch of Traitors?

This really bugs me. Obama, the Democrats, and this Administration dump documents not meant to see the light of day to sway uninformed public opinion to support their redefinitions of torture and illegalities, but in so doing they aid AlQaeda. Isn't that giving aid and comfort to the enemy in time of war? Given that is so, isn't that the definition of treason?

If you didn't think the media is in the bag for this crew of America Haters, and you still don't, you must hate America, too.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Democrats Hate Military Voters and Hate Fair Voting

I know that is a slap in the face to the tribe of the Donkey, but it is true. Over at the Green Bay Press-Gazette forums I started a thread titled "Democrats Hate the Military and Cops" after a couple of Professional Democrats started threads dumping their hate of cops starting with the idiot in Dallas, but continuing on with all cops. Couldn't convince the Professional Democrat Apologists that their silence was support for the Democrat Party Cop Haters. They were drinking too much DNC Kool-Aid to get it.

I then started the thread specifically pointing out how the Democrats, both activists and elected office holders were disenfranchising the Military vote in the Congressional District of the woman that replaced Hillary Clinton in the Senate. This is where it gets good. Most of the Professional Democrats steered clear of that thread because I had the Democrat Party dead to rights, literally, but one Donkey had to keep apologizing and excusing the Donkeys. It took him a week of searching (and begging his handlers) to find an article about "caging". Well this Donkey, like all Donkeys, think that ONE example of GOP wrong excuses a universe of Donkey wrongs. It don't balance that way and Donkeys will never get that. In the end, this Donkey admits the Democrats in New York were wrong, but goes on the attack to mitigate that damage to the Democrat brand. I asked him to show me what he has done to stop the Democrats from denying the Military votes. He deflects and goes on personal attacks, meaning he has done nothing and must be ashamed to admit it.

Now, the Donkey complains that every vote must be counted, the Gore Mantra of 2000. What he and the Democrat party mean is that every DEMOCRAT vote must be counted only, like in Soviet Russia for the Communist Party. In Minnesota, a long Donkey haven, there is a great amout of vote fraud and hankypanky, but the Donkey Apologist from the Press-Gazette won't acknowlege it, nor will he ever demand that his party act for fair voting. Not in Minnesota, and Not in Wisconsin, heaven forbid that all valid votes be counted, but not the dead or ACORN registered fraud.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Obama Got Something Right!

Time to say thank you Mr. President for doing the right thing and terminating those pirates with extreme prejudice.

I want to Highlight an Excellent Post

I perused my blog roll this morning and came upon this posts. Fred is right. This is a must read.

Madison showcases all that is wrong with American Liberal Democrat governing and thinking.

Ginburg Spells Out Why She Should Never Have Been on the Supreme Court

Ginsburg should have been rejected by the US Senate when she was nominated. She doesn't have the slightest understanding of the purpose of the court system. She thinks it is to govern the country. Who made her the unelected leader of the US?

US judges should only rule on US laws using US precidents. If they can't do that, they should be removed from the bench. This also goes for legislating from the bench that they be removed.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Kindergarten Is In Session

The picture of Obama and Hillary sitting in the White House kids' playground sums up the Obama Administration: Kindergarten Is In Session

Obama both has to grow up and learn, unfortunately it is on the most important job in the country.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Crap Sandwich

I really had to think what was basically bothering me about this issue. It is both broad and narrow.

The narrow issue is the Democrat hatred of the Military down to denying soldiers, sailors, and airmen the basic right to vote for their representation. This article highlights the narrow issue. Democrats go to court to try to exclude the military from voting, especially where they are losing or have lost an office. It isn't just New York state in this special election to replace the Congresscritter that took Hillary's carpetbagger seat where Democrat partisan election officials worked tirelessly to exclude the military vote. It is Minnesota where again, Democrat partisans in office are denying military votes to sway the election to put AL FRANKEN of all donkeys in the US Senate. It is Texas, where Democrats regularly sue to throw out Military votes of personnel stationed in Texas or those that declare Texas as their home for voting to win a seat, any seat. It is Florida, where Al Gore's people famously fought to exclude Military votes from the 2000 election. It is Clinton/Gore who made it harder for the military to vote while deployed for the 2000 election. There are many more examples. THE UNDENYABLE TRUTH IS THAT DEMOCRATS HATE THE MILITARY AND WILL STOP AT NOTHING TO DENY THEM THE VOTE.

That is the crap sandwich Democrats have to eat. Where did I get that phrase? From a Professional Liberal Democrat defending the Democrat brand in this forum topic: Go to the 2nd page where "Mathys" talks about non-Democrats having to eat crap sandwiches because the Democrats won.

Back to the narrow issue. Professional Democrat brand defenders will admit in the NY case that the Democrats are wrong, but will then go on to try to make moral equivalents. There are none. The Democrats hate the military. Just go to CA and witness what the rank and file Democrats do to recruiting centers, how they run Military recruiters out of public places and schools. It is undeniable, except to the Professional Democrat defenders. That is the narrow issue.

The broad issue is that across the board, the Democrats in power want the public to eat every crap sandwich they can create to get even for years, if not decades, of Democrats being on the wrong side of issues. Democrats aren't right, but now as the party in power, they are making you eat crap sandwiches for holding them to account for being wrong.

This is Obama's agenda. To make you, the public, eat crap sandwiches for not being Socialists. For insisting that written, legislated laws be followed. For not being taxed into oblivion. For being successful. The Obama administration has a crap sandwich for you to eat to get even with you.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Bad Example

Obama is a bad example of a poor leader. In a time of financial crisis he abuses the public purse by taking 500 hangers on to Europe for the Obama Change Tour. I can believe maybe 100 or a number like Reagan or Bush took, but Obama is living it up on the taxpayer dime. The only thing he hasn't pulled is getting a $400 haircut at the airport tying up air traffic for hours like Bubba did.

Guns or Nuts, Which Need to be Locked UP?

We will be hearing from the Obamists that guns need to be taken away from law abiding citizens to prevent future shootings. Note, they don't say that guns should be taken away from known criminals and gangs.

Nothing will be said about locking up known nuts and the role of the Democrat party and the ACLU for keeping nuts on the street. They have rights, y'know. Only thing is Democrats and the ACLU put the rights of criminals, illegals, non-citizens, and nuts before the law abiding citizens.

You won't see money plowed back into mental asylums where the violent and dangerously insane should be locked up. What are they afraid of? Are they afraid some one might lock up senior Democrats like Pat Leahy or Nancy Pelosi or renown pothead and Democrat financier, George Soros?

Democrats use the crises created by the very nuts they leave out on the street to restrict the law abiding and take away THEIR Constitutional rights.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Potheads Are In Control

I remembered back to my college days. I remembered the potheads toking in their rooms with towels stuffed under the door to keep the pot smoke from wafting through the hall. (It never worked dopers.) While they were smoking, they would talk LOUDLY about taking over states and ending pot busts, legalizing pot, and even making the straights pay so they could sit and toke all day.

They have gotten their way with Obama. Look at Eric Holder ending raids on Canibis Buying Clubs that were shell fronts for addicts toking up. Look at Obama's legislation. Smoking Tobacco bad. Smoking weed good.

George Soros must be laughing his donkey off that he can toke and not worry about doing a perp walk on the nightly news.

People wonder why Obama's administration is so undisciplined and unfocused. Well listen to a pothead, then listen to Obama. What real difference is there?

Friday, March 27, 2009

Obama, Here's Your Character Test

Mr. Obama, character is what you do and say without guidance and prompting. Your test is now. It is not the economy, Socialism or external threat to the country. Your test is how you respond to the killing of 4 Oakland, CA, officers, the killer of those officers, and the community that rallies FOR THE KILLER!

If Mr. Obama flunks this test or thinks he can vote present or tries to duck the test, Mr. Obama ought to be impeached and removed from office. In fact, any Rep. or Senator who votes to keep Mr. Obama in office ought to be removed from office, too.

Mr. Obama, you need to stand up and tell the supporters of the cop killer in Oakland that the man's life was wrong, that he was evil, and that the community's loss was not this wanton killer and rapist, but the loss was 4 officers who tried to protect the community from this killer. This is your test Mr. Obama, and the test of the Media and the body Politic.

Welcome My First Blog Friend

I've arrived in Saudi Arabia and have started posting on my blog.

I want to recommend and commend this gentleman for serving our country and for reaching out to us from the Sandbox. His posts are always welcome here.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Obama Doesn't Walk the Walk!

Obama preaches share the wealth. Barack hasn't shared dime one with his Kenyan relatives. He ignores their poverty and illness while he's rich and enjoys taxpayer paid perks like parties with waygu beef and imported booze.

You would think that he would want to set the example of what he preaches for. He sets an example all right, one of the strawman that he rails against.

Also, he's doing nothing for his Illegal Alien Aunt. Some nephew he is.

Obama Says Not All Outsourced Jobs to Return

Mr. Obama tells one of his supporters at his Town Hall that not all jobs will return to the US. Damn straight! The questioner said that the unemployed ought to get these jobs. I would like to see this questioner to work for the same wage as the overseas worker. They won't do it, and they won't stay employed for long. There are too many benefits and incentives to stay on welfare.

As low paying as these jobs are overseas, they are still paying better than the locals overseas can get in native jobs, if they can get a job.

What Crime Did Our Kids Commit?

Obama plans to sentence our kids to Community Service. Not just Community service while in High School, but in college, too. What was the kids' crime? They were born in the US and are US citizens. This is more proof that National Elected Democrats hate the US and its loyal citizens.

You hear drunks and athletes sentenced to community service for actually committing crimes. Our kids have done nothing. SO WHAT IS THE CRIME OBAMA??

Where in the Constitution does it give Obama the authority to sentence people without prior conviction of a crime?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

First They Tax AIG, Then They Tax Thee!

One thing that has been gnawing at me since the ginned up outrage over the AIG Executive bounuses were announced is the Democrats' quick plan to have the GOVERNMENT take away the perceived excess via taxation. I don't see any geniuses out there thinking, "Gee, if Obama doesn't like the AIG guys making money, who else is he going to target for retaliation?" Who else will the Democrats target for "Righteous Justice" which enriches the Feds, but little else?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dems Pack Obama's House

I was in Orange County, CA in 92 when Clinton came to visit. The state and county Democrats packed the house with busloads of chosen people so that the locals could not get inside. For Obama's townhall meeting, I fully expect them to do that and make sure only the faithful get to ask prewritten questions that Obama's teleprompter has the answers to.

The Democrats do not change their script. Deceive, lie, and cheat the public. No one is going to ask Obama to give back his AIG donations. Nor is Obama going to have a beer with anyone like me that will tell him he's doing wrong and remind him of the campaign promises he's breaking.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Obama To Charge For Wounded Vet's Care

President Obama has no sense of obligation. All he sees is a pot of money and he's going to spend it his way.

Obama wants all tax revenue to be spent proping up his Socialist Nanny State, and the Veterans of the US can go to HELL!

What next, Obama going to bring back spitting on the uniformed military?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

2nd String Loyalty Is All Democrats Require

Something about the Obama Administration has been bothering me all along. It is that like English as a 2nd language, Obama only asks loyalty and allegiance to the US as a 2nd priority AT MOST among his appointees.

This goomer who dropped out for an "important" intelligence post illustrates it best. He hates Israel and Jews. He is all but an open lobbyist for Communist China. His parting shot was that the Jews and Israel lobby finally got him. David Broder showed his hate the US colors by praising this never should have been nominated creature as huge loss to the US. BULL! He only had a secondary loyalty to the US, and he got hung by his own words if Broder would unplug his ears and stop kissing Obama donkey.

There isn't one Democrat standing up and defending the good in this country. They all are attacking and runing down this country at every opportunity while extolling the virtues of other nations, especially the Communist/socialist ones who slaughter and imprision their own people.

Slow Joe Biden said it was Patriotic to Pay YOUR Taxes! By his standard, many Obama appointees and Congressional Chairmen are not patriotic, although they'll imprison you in a heartbeat for holding back your money from their crushing and increasing tax levies.

Obama has only, at best, appointed 2nd stringers to every position in government. There is not one real leader who has accomplished anything except raise money for the Democrats.

This administration is a failure from the start because the man at the top is a failure at every thing, except fooling the voters 1 time. I don't think he'll be as popular as George W. Bush by the time Obama has to run again because of Obama's failures.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Americans didn’t vote for a Rush to failure, but that is what they got

The Democrats in their anti-Limbaugh campaign decided to erect a billboard in Rush's home town saying, “Americans didn’t vote for a Rush to failure.” The sad truth is that in 50 plus days of the Obama Administration and Democrat majority in Congress a RUSH to pass stupid pork riddled legislation that benefits primarily Democrat supporters is what America got.

The Democrats pushed and rushed the legislation through so fast they couldn't read it, they couldn't allow Republicans and the public to read it, and now lie about what was done. It all had to be a "Bum's Rush" to get it signed into law before the public rose up against it all.

Hillary Clinton said during her campaign that she had lots of ideas, but America couldn't afford them all. Obama is proving the same for himself, to the detriment of America's future.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Obama's True Plan

Obama's plan is simple, "STICK IT TO THEM!"

He loves the stock market going into the tank. He loves unemployment. He loves trying to govern like a mad dictator with an understaffed cabinet. Obama love surrendering to America's enemies.

In contrast, this is what I would do:

Repeal most of the spending passed. I'd only leave the real, shovel ready road and bridge projects in place. The states have diverted money from upkeep to pork for decades. The Mianus I-95 bridge fell because the Democrats in CT diverted highway maintenance funds to prop up Democrat machines in Hartford, Bridgeport, and New Haven.

Institute a real energy saving program with real, achievable standards. Insulate all viable homes to the standard. Bill the owner for what they reasonably can pay for the work. All living expenses would count as deductions, as would divorce, alimony, and child support payments. We don't want people to be strapped.

Scrap the income and dividend tax code entirely. Replace it with an end use sales tax of 20%. No VAT or Value Added Taxes, and the 20% is 15% for the Feds and 5% for the states. NO INCOME TAXES can be levied by any jurisdiction.

Permanently ban earmarks of any kind in Federal legislation.

Enforce the borders and deport all illegal aliens. If someone is here illegally, they have NO rights. If they commit a crime, they pay full restitution to the victim, even if that means working in prison until they die. If they kill, they will be executed with in 6 months.

Sit down with our ailing industries and work WITH them to get jobs and production going. That will take scrapping idiotic, bureaucratic regulations. Having public goals to meet, like a CAFE for reasonable cars and trucks.

And develop and produce CHEAP energy. Drill for oil off our coasts. Develop oil shale and clean coal deposits put off limits by Democrat Presidents. Force Al Gore to live in a tar paper shack in Montana like the Unabomber to prove how nuts they both are. Gore could stand to lose a few stones, too.

For mortgages, as a country we will have to eat quite a few of these, but the irresponsible will not be allowed to prosper, especially Clinton, Carter, Dodd, and Frank. Those four will have their fortunes confiscated to punish them for screwing up the credit industry. As a nation, we have to remove the social engineering from the credit markets, and remove the social engineers, too.

This is only a start. There is work to be done, but first, you have to get the Democrats out of the way by any means possible.

Setting The Example?

You would think that Obama would want to set the example of how to act as a member of government. Mr. Obama has a warped mirror. He and his family revel in luxuries that a vast majority of the people can't afford. He throws lavish parties weekly. His kids go to private school, but he doesn't pay for it, we taxpayers do. His meal menu rivals that of Marie Antoinette. (Blame the NEA and the Democrat party if you don't know who Marie Antoinette was.) In short, Obama lives a life of wanton consumption while the voters have to tighten their belts or do without.

Obama Want Ad

Wanted for the Obama Administration.

People who feel ethics are something to be talked about, not to be followed, but only to be used to attack a Republican.

Being current on your taxes is optional.

Must know to lie to protect the Chosen One.

Previous experience with the Clinton Administration,, Media Matters, Think Progress, or any media except Conservative Talk Radio, is a plus.

Leaks to the media that hurt the Bush Administration or our troops are bonus points.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Democrat Slavery

Obama and Liberal Democrats wish to impose a new slavery upon the US, that of their version of Socialism.

Color is not the determinant of who is the slave, but your religion and your politics are. Fundamentalist believers who do not subborn their religion to the state will be punished if not jailed for hate crimes. What hate crimes you ask. Don't worry, they'll make it up with rulings from Liberals already seated on Federal benches. Also, Conservatives will be targeted. Those who expect Liberals to hew to the written law are enemies of the Socialist state.

Obama is going to impose equality of outcome. No matter how lazy or how hard you work, you will be dependent upon the state for your food, clothing, housing, medical care, and energy. There will be no achieving. There won't be any "Slumdog Millionaires". Hollywood will be a hypocritical den of iniquity, but as long as they support the Socialist state, they won't be bothered.

There will be a class of elitists. They are the masters of the Socialist state. Their names are Reid, Pelosi, Obey, Kennedy, Kerry, Harkin, Murtha, Clinton, Soros, Buffet, Obama. In other words, the top Democrats who have sheltered their wealth from the redistribution of government. They will not pay their taxes, nor have their wealth redistributed.

DeTocville was right. When the ne'erdowells learn they can vote themselves riches from other people's pockets, they will and they will destroy democracy in the US.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Why Obama Won't Have A Beer With Me, Part 2

The BIGGEST reason Obama won't have a beer with me, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, or anyone else in public is that would prove Obama to be an apostate to the Muslim Street. Obama would lose his cachet in Palestine and in Tehran. The World would have proof that Obama is not a muslim by drinking alcohol and eating PORK!!!!!

Obama is all about image over style over substance, and he has no substance, except fecal matter.

Has Anyone Held Obma Accountable?

How many campaign promises to the people has he actually kept? Not one. He only pays off his supporters.

The Hugemongous Pork Barrel Bill only stimulates Chris Matthews tingling legs.

Not one Democrat has come forward and shown me $500 billion of stimulus in that bill.

Now Congress followed it up with $41o Billion in more earmarks. Obama promised to eliminate the earmarks. This bill is the first he should veto.

Remember Obama pledged to go through the budget line by line as President? Why wasn't he doing his job as US Senator and doing just that?

It Doesn't Add Up

Obama and his bots don't want you really examining his plans. Just a cursory examination shows lies and deception in his justifications. His numbers don't add up. Worst of all, you have the media jumping ship into his administration instead of watching him as they did Bush. Oh, I forgot. Bush was Hitler. Obama is the massiah.

On many boards you find the Professional Democrats. If they can't refute your facts, the denigrate in to childish ridicule because they are children.

I'm not saying anything new here, but here is a place where the Professional Democrats do not get equal time, or any of my time.

Unlike Themselves, Liberals Demand Uniformity of Others

Ever see Liberals twitch like Herbert Lom in the Pink Panther movies when they get power to exercise? Notice how they take YOUR choices away with their exercise of power? Liberals want to tell you what to eat, whether or not you can use toilet paper and how much, what you can listen to, what you can think, even what you can speak.

Free speech to them is parroting their talking point of the day. If you disagree with them it is hate speech and a hate crime.

Liberals never operate on true facts. They make it up as they go.

Watch your liberties disappear under Obama and his Acorn and ACLU buddies.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Class Warfare or Inciting Civil War?

Barak Obama and Eric Holder are talking down not only the economy but race relations, too. Do these radicals plan not only aggrevating the Class Warfare the Democrats practice, but do they intend on inciting a Civil War with their rhetoric?

I don't know. It seems both either don't know there are limits to the subjects they push or the know them and are bound to destroy this Republic in order to create something like Mugabe tried to create in Zimbabwe, but instead of their Utopian result, we'll get a bigger mess than Zimbabwe is.

Is She Enough?

Many of you have heard about the woman who had 9 breast augmentation surgeries. For those who haven't, the State of Texas allowed 8 surgeries, but stopped the 9th because the surgeons had used the state limit of one gallon of silicone in this woman's implants. She shopped around on line and found a surgeon in Brazil who would do a 9th surgery. The woman is making the PR and late night show rounds showing off her 38KKK breasts.

I'll not give further publicity to this idiot, but will make this comment to her and to those like her who seek breast enhancement not for astetic necessity, but for attention. Honey, if you weren't enough before the multiple surgeries, you surely aren't afterwards.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Some Emergency

Right, the legislation Obama just had to have right now to sign can wait until he's done vacationing in Chicago.

If any of you ever believe a word out of this man's mouth, you are either stupid or a professional Democrat hack.

Oh, really, money that won't be spent for 18 months or more just had to be allocated RIGHT NOW?? You, the people, can't look at the legislation before it is passed? It's an emergency! Yeah, right, an emergency is any thing a spoiled child wants, and Obama is playing the spoiled child to the hilt. Like a spoiled child, once he got what he wants, he dropped the toy and walked away.

No, I don't expect Mr. Obama will ever want a beer with me even if I paid for it.

Will Lotteries Survive?

I really question that state lotteries will survive. As it is, the state grabs money from the ticket buyers, the grabs again from the winners. Democrats have always taken the position that life's winners do not need all they've been given. The state taking s "little bit" won't hurt them. But will state lotteries survive when the greedy and envious Democrats decide to make the reward of winning the lottery not worth it to the winner?

Winning the lottery is alway the dream of people who aren't rich enough to tell the nanny state to go to Hell. Right now the nanny state is saying the taxpayers and lottery winners have had 8 years of being selfish and the party is over. The little guy, lottery winners, too, will be paying the taxes the Big Democrats don't pay, and the state will be stomping on the dreams of people to get the diaper (always on your butt and full of crap) the government is off their backs.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Stimulus Bill Will Fail!

For too long I've held my tongue about this "stimulus" package. It is not that at all. It is a package that will bankrupt America. It won't stimulate anything except tingles down Chris Matthews' leg.

Just how do I know that? I was in Orange County California when they went bankrupt. I pulled aside the Chairman of the Orange County Supervisors, William Steiner, at church and told him the whole "investment" scheme cooked up by the lone elected Democrat, the county treasurer, was wrong. Needless to say, he didn't take my advise, but when Steiner was called before a Grand Jury investigating the bankruptcy, Steiner named me as one person who told him the scheme was wrong.

A Dubuque Rabbi feeling his Democrat oats a few years ago opined in the T-H that he didn't know how such a rich county could go bankrupt. That Rabbi didn't know one thing about the cause of the bankruptcy, but figured it would be a nice smear on the Republicans. I'll say it again, in case anyone is listening, you can't tax and spend your way out of governmental difficulties. This recession is just the same. The Democrat majorities in the House and Senate can pass a Pork bill with out a single GOP vote, but other than the Democrats that receive the money, there is no lasting, meaningful stimulus to it.

Before you come after me in your state of denial and Obama worship, do your research and be prepared to tell me detail by detail that there is $500 Billion of real, sustained stimulus that ALL Americans will benefit from within 1 year in this bill. Otherwise, it is just a pork bill that will bring on another Depression, and you are too blind and partisan to admit it.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Leonard Pitts, an Example of the Laziness and Dishonesty Populating Liberal Democrat Pundits

Mr. Pitts wrote a juvenile, if not churlish, column castigating one of his readers for the crime of disagreeing with Mr. Pitts over the meaning of Rush Limbaugh's statement that Mr. Limbaugh did not wish the President to succeed. Mr. Pitts, like the disgraced and dishonest organization, Media Matters, took an accurate quote out of context to score political points DISHONESTLY.

Mr. Limbaugh turned the rhetorical device of Democrat Appeasers upon the head appeaser, President Obama, in that Mr. Limbaugh states that he supports the President, but not the Presidents mission to turn America into a Socialist country. I would say, to be more accurate in the prediction, Mr. Obama will try to turn the US into another Zimbabwe failure.

How many Democrats said they supported the troops, but not the mission? When called on their dishonesty, the Democrats took umbridge at being called on their lack of patriotism. Again, the Liberals were wrong. It was their ethics and lack of cognitive reasoning that was called into question. Like Elaine Rattner on a US Naval Ship during the Gulf War and hoping the Iraq war fails, was confronted with the question of how many of her shipmates did she want to die, and which ones, Mr. Pitts chooses to let his Limbaugh Derangement Syndrome run wild and his brain to go dormant while he creates a strawman to beat his opponents with.

Democrats see Socialism as their ticket to perpetual power. They can not argue effectively to gain support for their ideas, but they must lie, be deceitful, and destroy all opposition in any way possible in order to feel that they won. Mr. Pitts subscribes to these tactics and instead of writing a column taking on criticisms of the "Pork for Life" bill, he goes to his favorite strawman, the schoolyard denials, and supposed "tit for tat". When your arguments can't win on their own merits, Democrats like Pitts obfuscate, deflect, and hide where they can not be challenged.

I have not commented upon the color of Mr. Pitts' skin, although his fellow Liberal Democrat columnists, Donna Brazile, Clarance Page, and Gwen Ifill would play the race card to attempt to stiffle opposition. I also did not refer to Democrat payback for Air America failing, or Democrat desires to avenge getting caught trying to steal the election in Florida in 2000, or for revenge for Impeaching Bill Clinton.

Mr. Pitts, out of thousands of emails you claimed to have received, don't you think you could have more honestly dealt with those disagreeing with you? Maybe if you weren't such an elitist looking down your nose at your readers, you might notice that your readers are going elsewhere for more honest opinions.

It Really is Not in the Interest of the Democrat Party to End this Recession

It really is not in the interest of the Democrat party to end this recession. They will use the crisis to pass spending bills (Partisan Pork) that they couldn't pass in normal times. They will be utterly shameless in destroying the economy to enslave the US Poplulation to their rule for as long as they can.

Too bad more people do not remember the Jimmy Carter Administration so clearly. Do they remember the Clinton Tax hikes that formented the 1994 repudiation of Democrat (mis)rule.

The Loose Cannon Is About to Start Firing!

Greetings! This is my introduction.

This blog is about my thoughts and observations. I am going to skewer sacred cows and pompous "donkeys". I'd use another word for donkey, but that would not be allowed.

I will moderate comments. Some jerks will never appear. Let them find their own space to trash.
This blog is my space to point out what others either ignore or give short shrift to. You don't like it,