Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Duke Pervert Offers Adopted Son For Sex on Internet

This is the Homosexual Pedophile agenda in a nut shell. This is what GLAD, the LGBT weirdos, and truthfully a lot of Liberal Democrats support. I wonder how soon Obama will pardon Mr. Lombard?

Where are the 88 Duke professors who were persecuting the Duke Lacrosse team? Where are those Democrat activists?

You don't have to ask Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Ther are sniffing around the Jackson camp looking for pieces (Drudge had a picture,, of Sharpton "grinding" a woman at the Apollo in NYC at a Jackson "memorial".) of the Jackson estate.

Meanwhile, why isn't Child Protective Services in North Carolina going into the Homosexual commune and confiscating all the children like it was a Mormon Polygamist colony?

Where is the outrage about a White Homosexual Pedophile adopting a Black boy because they are easier to get, and they don't tell the authorities on you?

Why isn't the Government of North Carolina cleaning out Duke of its perverts and bigots?