Thursday, May 28, 2009

Flag Outrage!

This is a see for yourself moment.

A Texas woman was shocked to find her US Flag removed from her office and then had to retrieve it FROM THE FLOOR OF HER SUPERVISOR'S OFFICE!!

I am wondering why the NONCITIZEN FROM AFRICA who took down the flag and the hospital supervisor who left the flag on the floor aren't fired?

I am also wondering why the press isn't showing the picture of these people when they have to show the faces of people who defend their property with a gun?

I notice there is NO DEFENSE OF THE FLAG BY ANY DEMOCRAT. Where are any Consgressman, US Senator, or Obama/Biden? Are they all too busy thinking of higher taxes and liberties they can take away from the public rather than stand up for the US Flag?

The woman risked her job and all in defense of this flag. Many REAL AMERICANS are rallying to her defense, as they should. Where are you?

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