Sunday, May 31, 2009

If They Are So Harmless...

The Idiot Left is pushing for release of the Gitmo detainees. Well, if Obama think they are so harmless, why doesn't he board one of the high profile violent ones in the Lincoln bedroom without the Secret Service buffer between Apostate Obama, his family, and Democrat Jews like Rahm Emanuel? Let him prove they are so safe by putting his life on the line as well as those around him before he endangers the American Public.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Car Industry

If Obama's goal is to reserve cars for rich elitists and politicians, he'll be moving to take away cars from the people not by banning them, but by making the current fleet too expensive to use and the new cars too crappy for the public's needs and taste.

Expect a Government Motors and UAW motors to come out with single person vehicles that are impractical in all ways, and "family vehicles that hold 2 adults and maybe a baby.

Ford will be under attack through CAFE standards, CO2 standards, union assault, and taxation. Unless Ford fights back by being super profitable and successful, they'll be bigger losers than the Lions.

Obama can't afford anymore political stunts like killing dealerships that didn't fund his campaign. That was a childish and stupid move on his part. He'll have to backtrack or payoff the dealers he damaged and destroyed. Unfortunately, it will be with taxpayer funds, not DNC coffers and Obama's personal wealth.

Obama and his car team better get a quick tutoring on economics. Pushing the parts suppliers like Visteon into bankruptcy is not going to help the Democrats at election time. There are thousands that will be laid off that won't be able to find jobs. They'll be angry and looking to get even with the idiots (Democrats) that killed their companies.

I would like to see the parts companies fight back through SEMA. They should market their parts through existing trade shows and market upgrade kits to keep older vehicles on the road. Maybe make upgrade kits that make that old Pontiac perform better and cheaper than GM made it.

Ford is putting a new 6 speed transmission in their cars. Why can't the transmission makers make an adaptation of that transmission for older Fords? Hey, My 97 T-Bird could use a 6 speed when my current overdrive 4 speed dies.

What do you say parts makers? Are you up to my challenge, or are you willing to die because you aren't in Obama's plans?

Friday, May 29, 2009

Obama Setting Democrats Up For Big Losses

Obama has made promises to the little people he can't keep. They are hurting. They want relief, and they want it now, not a President partying every Wednesday night on expensive food and drink on the public's dime.

People bought Obama's BS, but look out when they want a refund.


A newspaper blog I used to post at is asking its posters if they want some of the banned posters back. As one of the banned, you never asked if I want to come back.

It is rather presumptious of the editor to think that I'd want to come back to a place that is obviously tilted to the left and that I can't call them as I see them. My "sin" was calling a poster who thinks it is perfectly all right to give aid and comfort to the enemy in a time of war a traitor and to wish that the evil that his actions facilitate befall upon him first. Sorry, but if you can't handle honesty, "go 'way son, you're botherin' me!"

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Flag Outrage!

This is a see for yourself moment.

A Texas woman was shocked to find her US Flag removed from her office and then had to retrieve it FROM THE FLOOR OF HER SUPERVISOR'S OFFICE!!

I am wondering why the NONCITIZEN FROM AFRICA who took down the flag and the hospital supervisor who left the flag on the floor aren't fired?

I am also wondering why the press isn't showing the picture of these people when they have to show the faces of people who defend their property with a gun?

I notice there is NO DEFENSE OF THE FLAG BY ANY DEMOCRAT. Where are any Consgressman, US Senator, or Obama/Biden? Are they all too busy thinking of higher taxes and liberties they can take away from the public rather than stand up for the US Flag?

The woman risked her job and all in defense of this flag. Many REAL AMERICANS are rallying to her defense, as they should. Where are you?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How To Apply Racism In The Supreme Court

Sotomayor wants to apply her brand of racism to Supreme Court Decisions and call it empathy. Justice is supposed to be blind. The US Supreme Court is not a trier of fact but interpreter of US Constitutional law.

On this point alone, Sotomayor and Obama ought to be barred from the Supreme Court and from practicing before it.

Obama Admits Sotomayor is a Bad Choice!

Barack Obama has realized that Sonia Sotomayor is a bad choice for the Supreme Court. He wants her confirmed before she is thoroughly examined by the Senate and the public. He's putting on the "Bum's Rush" to get her on the court before the Public starts applying heat to the Senate.

Maybe there ought to be a Constitutional Amendment where by NO ONE can be confirmed by the Senate until all their papers are made public, all their tax returns are made public, all their medical records are made public, all their Military records are made public, and then a list of mandatory questions to be answered are answered. Like "where is policy made?" "Absent of written law, how do you resolve a question of law?" "Does Race, Religion, Gender or Sexual Orientation trump the written law?"

Those are just a few questions that should be asked of ANY Supreme Court Nominee, but there are more. I am hoping that not only will they appear in comments, but that they will be asked of Ms. Sotomayor during her PUBLIC confirmation hearings, not the back door deal Obama has ordained.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

No Wonder He Won't Release His College Records

I see why Obama won't release his college records and papers. He doesn't want the world to see that he FLUNKED Constitution Law.

Obama selected the only judge he could find that makes Obama look like a legal genius. Sotomayor has a worse percentage of being overturned than the 9th Circus does. Now, THAT IS BAD!!!!

You would think that Obama would nominate the best judge he could find, not the worst.

Now we will see who the Democrat Senators serve. Do they serve the Constitution they've sworn to uphold, or the party and the empty suit that leads it?

Racist Obama Picks A Racist For the Supreme Court

No surprise! Obama is a Racist who hates whites. Sotomayor is a Racist who hates whites. Both are supported by Colin Powell who supported Obama because he was Black.

Sotomayor may be the first Justice impeached and removed from the Supreme Court when a Congress is elected that views judges and Justices not upon their politics, race, religion or sexual preference, but upon how they follow and that they interpret the law using the US Constitution as their guide ONLY!

Obama, Gelding or Stud?

This is the question before the world. Does this President have the moral and intellectual balls to stand up to the crises-du-jour, or is he going to emulate Neville Chamberlain and give the world away to Evil?

I believe Obama, after a party where he dines on "way cool" beef and expensive cocktails is going to ask what can we give Kim Mentally-Ill and Mr. "I'm in a dinner jacket" to shut up and go away. Problem is that appeasing these representatives of Evil will not stop, nor will there be peace as long as they are alive and the terror states they represent can wage Nuclear War.

Well, Mr. Obama, "What you gonna do?"

OK, Let's Get To Work!

Sue me! I took the Memorial Day weekend to go to a wedding, celebrate my youngest's High School Graduation, get my family together for the first time in too long of time, and I paid my respects to my father and other vets Monday morning.

In all I spent 24 hours in my cars. Maybe I'll tell you what went wrong with the "Parts Bin Special" another day.

While I didn't listen to the pundits or the President, I did hear that people are tired of being unemployed, tired of being taxed and not getting anything for it, and that broken things aren't being fixed.

My answer is to sweep the Democrats and RINOs from office and try a real Conservative agenda, not raging socialism, not Moderates and their 1000 sets of direction, and definitely not big government RINOs.

Let's directly address problems, injustices, and broken laws, not point fingers, convene truth commissions, listen to Hollywood big mouths, or listen to surrendercrat "euroweenies".

Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's All in the Nuance

Joe Biden is the missing link between Humans and Space(d) Aliens.

How many ways can you nuance that statement?

Who's Lying Now?

I have one question no one seems to be asking. How come it is accepted that the CIA lied about briefing Pelosi on waterboarding of AlQaeda, yet the CIA was infallible truth tellers about Mr. and Mrs. Valerie Plame and their claims that Valerie didn't request her husband be sent to debunk Iraq buying yellowcake uranium?

I think Pelosi should go and be investigated for wrong doing. I think Rangel ought to go, too, but then when do the "Most Ethical Congress Ever" actually practice Ethics?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Obama's Trickle Down Unemployment

This is not theory or rhetoric. You will see starting with the employees of the dealers being the first in the unemployment line. Next comes all the people these employees used to purchase goods and services from. The restaurant workers who no longer serve these people meals. The stores that no longer have these trickle down unemployed as customers, etc.

But it takes the voters to make the Democrats who brought this about unemployed too! Every Democrat you put and keep in office will be used as proof Obama Trickle Down Unemployment and unending bailouts works to tax America into prosperity.

Oh, I didn't add in the reduced volume of parts fewer dealerships will require. That means many companies in Chrysler's supply chain will lay off employees and/or close which causes the unemployment to cascade to other communities.

Government won't be collecting taxes from these people. Federal and State Governments will make more expendatures that government coffers don't have the money to pay for in unemployment and welfare benefits.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

No Affirmative Action For Liberal Commenters

At Patterico's Pontifications, Guest Blogger DRJ explains her rules. I have nothing wrong with that or that she posted her rules. I do disagree with giving Liberal Commenters Affirmative Action to be jerks, boors, liars, cheats, sockpuppets, and otherwise Liberal Democrats. Here's the URL to the specific post:

I like DRJ. I think both Scott Jacobs and FMFNavyDoc also like DRJ. With that, I am taking the focus of this post off DRJ. This post is not intended to at all castigate DRJ. I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

I do not believe that Liberal Commenters need any more "rights" or privileges to be accepted than anyother commenter. That Liberals demand such a concession is more evidence that they are losers in the arena of ideas and that they can't debate or behave normally.

Liberals have all the venues they need to post their cartoons as comments, Libel Conservatives, post lies and half truths, photoshop documents like the faked Obama Birth Certificate, and just be nasty name callers. I don't believe that if they can't take their own medicine that they have to be protected. If they feel they have to be able to dish it out with out taking the same in return, then what they dish out is not worth posting, and if they are too baby-ish, then they need not come here either.

Usually Liberals love to have Conservatives banned from commenting at any open venue for comment. They can't win in an environment where you have to have honesty, proof, and civility. That is one reason you don't see them here.

I don't accept wikipedia as proof, nor do I accept any posts or cut-and-pastes from Liberal Propaganda sites. With that weapon denied them most Liberals are defenseless and compound that with my not allowing them to lie here, they don't come here.

I do welcome debate, but HONEST debate.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Another Fake Vet Who Supported Democrat Campaigns Discovered

The Democrats have to admit that another Fake Vet led their campaigns. The Dems are so short of real veterans that they rush these fakes without vetting them. Just as a national media outlet also rushed an anti-war fake vet to headline that outlet's anti-war coverage.

Democrats lie and love liars who agree with them. If the Democrats had any honor they would undo the damage by resigning and running in the next election sans their fakes.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Scott Jacobs, I Salute You

Ok, this is the first time I'm doing a title link. I hope it works, otherwise:

Friend and contributor the Jury Talks Back, Scott Jacobs, is enlisting in the Marines at age 30! Please join me in toasting Recruit Jacobs.

Won't Somebody Rein In This Boy???

The posterboy for irresponsible spending got $800,000 more for the airport named after him to repave a slightly used runway. John Murtha has plowed MILLIONS into this nearly unused airport. The airport at the end of the Bridge to Nowhere has more air traffic! Austin Straubel Airport in Green Bay and Dubuque Regional Airport have more flights and get less funding than the Murtha Airport.

The words, "Responsible Spending" is a blood libel coming out of the mouths of Liberal Democrats.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hipocritical Leftie Humor

Excuse me, but if someone made a joke about Joe Biden shooting and torturing friends, not only would they be condemned in and out of the media, but the Secret Service would be paying them a call. Why does Obama not only get a pass, but applause? Is it because he's Black? A Socialist? A Leftie Boor?

This reminds me of Willie Brown out in California making racist jokes while Speaker of the CA Assembly. The press corps laughed at all the jokes. When questioned about their behavior, the press lied about it. I especially questioned the reporter from the Orange County Register's behavior and lie to the paper's ombudsman. The reporter lied only to be caught in that lie when radio station KOGO played the newsconference including the press' laughter. To his credit, Pat Riley, the Register Ombudsman retracted the denial and chastised the reporter for lying.

If only the major media, newspapers, and magazines had honest ombudsmen (and women) who would do the same job holding the media to a modicum of decent behavior and honesty. They don't. You don't have to look. In fact, the ombud for the LA Times is a liar, too.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

I'm Tired of Obama's 2nd Stringer's Mistakes

In fmfnavydoc's blog, Obama's idiots start passing around a story of the Saudi King meeting with an Israeli Official while in the US. You would think these idiots would know to keep such things quiet. They don't.

I don't know how much diplomacy between Israel and the Arab world was blown to smithereens because some Obama yap had to open their mouth to the press to be a big shot. There are some initiatives that have to be kept quiet to work. Obama's people don't know this as they are all trying to carve themselves a piece of the limelight like their boss, Obama.

I also am holding it against this administration that they campaigned that they had an answer for everything. Well, where are the answers? How many trillions of dollars have to be wasted before we call this man and his travelling road show a failure and sweep him and his acolytes from office?

Why Did I Do The Ads?

I decided to get an idea of how many people were reading my blog by putting the ads on it. I figure 1 in 10 checkout the ads. I may be off, but it is not a big deal to me. I was curious, and I tried it.

End of explanation.