Sunday, March 15, 2009

2nd String Loyalty Is All Democrats Require

Something about the Obama Administration has been bothering me all along. It is that like English as a 2nd language, Obama only asks loyalty and allegiance to the US as a 2nd priority AT MOST among his appointees.

This goomer who dropped out for an "important" intelligence post illustrates it best. He hates Israel and Jews. He is all but an open lobbyist for Communist China. His parting shot was that the Jews and Israel lobby finally got him. David Broder showed his hate the US colors by praising this never should have been nominated creature as huge loss to the US. BULL! He only had a secondary loyalty to the US, and he got hung by his own words if Broder would unplug his ears and stop kissing Obama donkey.

There isn't one Democrat standing up and defending the good in this country. They all are attacking and runing down this country at every opportunity while extolling the virtues of other nations, especially the Communist/socialist ones who slaughter and imprision their own people.

Slow Joe Biden said it was Patriotic to Pay YOUR Taxes! By his standard, many Obama appointees and Congressional Chairmen are not patriotic, although they'll imprison you in a heartbeat for holding back your money from their crushing and increasing tax levies.

Obama has only, at best, appointed 2nd stringers to every position in government. There is not one real leader who has accomplished anything except raise money for the Democrats.

This administration is a failure from the start because the man at the top is a failure at every thing, except fooling the voters 1 time. I don't think he'll be as popular as George W. Bush by the time Obama has to run again because of Obama's failures.

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