Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Iranians Following Hitler's Playbook

Except for the Muslim in the White House, anyone can see that Iran should not be a nuclear nation. Iran is carrying out Hitler's dream of a Jew free world and has introduced their version of the V-1 weapon to use on Israel.

Yes, there is silence from Jew hating Democrats.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Blogging Taxes

The city of Philthydelphia wants to tax bloggers a $300 fee for blogging and also tax any profits if any. Greedy Democrats, and Philthydelphia is a Democrat run city, fantasize about enormous profits a blogger makes that they so far haven't confiscated.

Most bloggers haven't even seen $100 for YEARS of blogging. I think all elected Democrats ought to be drug tested and when found on drugs removed from office and TAXED to poverty.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Democrat Party, The Party of Hate

New Hampshire Democrats showing their true character wished Sarah Palin dead. Thank God for the Internet. These fools were exposed. One hater resigned, the other should, too, but Democrats revel in hate. Local example is Walter Pregler, former Mayor of Dubuque. He's always looking for someone to bully and fight with when he thinks he can win. Local Democrats keep him as the county party's secretary. Shows the level of hate Democrats have for everyone else.

Oh, during the UPS strike, Pregler wrote a letter to the paper saying that picket line crossers deserved to be peeled like a banana that is separated from the bunch. When confronted about the meaning of such a peeling, the local editor laughed it off and refuses comment on the issue there by showing his Liberal Democrat bias. Again, more support for Democrat violence.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Where's My Vacation Bailout?

The Obamas spend other people's money like it is their birthright, and quite hypocritically, I will add.

I want to know where my mortgage bailout is. I'm up to date on it, but Barry lied when he said he'd spread the wealth around. I haven't seen any of it.

I want to take a $400,000 vacation at Barry and Michelle's personal expense to see how they like it.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Democrats Who Don't Pay Their Taxes Demand Others Pay More Than Law Requires

You've probably Obama's Tax Cheat Treasury Secretary is calling on the George Steinbrenner family to kick in the $500 million he thinks they owe as taxes. Bafungul!

Liberal Democrats universally duck their responsibilities, but always are looking to steal all everyone else has, and want to take away their freedoms, too.

A local Clarke College teaching student is a Socialist but refuses to acknowledge the fact no matter how many times he reinfoces that conclusion. Kris Miller will say he's not infavor of the government limiting one's income, but immediately he'll start his rants about taking $50,000 from the City Manager's salary to pay for a teaching position in Dubuque schools. In case you don't see the greed and selfishness in Miller, Miller is graduating and wants a union, guaranteed job paying a much as the teachers' union can extort from the taxpayers. Miller even wants a piece of the Steinbrenner fortune, the John Deere CEO's salary, and every other successful person's work because he knows he'll never amount to a hill of beans. He is just the usual Liberal Democrat--Stealing what he wants and justifying it with empty, redefined words.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Correct Way to Lay Out America Hating Liberals

Take a moment and read the linked article (click on title), view the embedded video. This is what goose stepping legions of the Left fear.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Democrats are dirty and desperate

I have learned that the TEA party in Dubuque is being denied the opportunity to march in the Labor Day Parade in Dubuque by a highly Democrat partisan. City Hall being full of ethicless Liberal Democrats are being dog turds on the sidewalk. They think they can get away with it because the local media is in the Democraps' pocket and not adverse to take sides in their news reporting or lack of it.

I also see in the Real Debate Wisconsin blog that a Democrat operative from DC/Virginia is going to blogger parties to SECRETLY tape US Senate Candidate Ron Johnson. Who wants to bet that the tapes will be dishonestly edited?

Time to give the Democrats a taste of their own medicine by putting them in the Unemployment lines this November.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Use Your Fatwas as Enimas!

I've been goofing off too long.

I am extremely put out by every Tom, Dick, and Harry Wahabist Mullah cashing in on their 15 seconds of fame by issuing a Fatwa demanding this person or that person be killed.

I'm in no way an artist. If I drew Mohammad, it would look like a Rohrshak test. I don't go out of my way to run down a religion, unless they ask for it, and Wahabists have been asking for martyrdom and not getting it.

Now if Cat Stevens or some barely literate idiot who can't reason beyond "alihu akbar" wants to come after me, I'll send you to Hell.

Other religions have been fair game for Islam to ridicule, especially Judiasm and Christianity. Now it is Islam's turn. They can either act like infantile children or grow up to take what they dish out.

When it comes to following their own tenants, how come Wahabists haven't put a Fatwa on Apostate Barack Hussein Obama? I'll be waiting for those interesting answers.

Until then, the so called Religion of Peace is nothing but a religion of violence and liars. I doubt I'll be proven wrong as on 9/11/01 millions of Muslims and their Mullahs were silent or even cheering the acts of Wahabist cowards.

Oh, Johnny Cash sums up my feelings to you cowards thusly:


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Single Payer Lecture

I don't know who the Democrats think they are fooling. There is no debate. They are lying from the start about their conversion of the US Healthcare system to a Single Payer Nightmare. They are not honest. They started the lies about Swastikas and Nazi symbolism, and now are decrying that it entered the public forum.

Sick and sad, but to be expected when they are dishonest from the first words out of Obama's mouth.

If you can't acknowledge what is in HR32oo, then you aren't debating, you are demogoguing.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Duke Pervert Offers Adopted Son For Sex on Internet


This is the Homosexual Pedophile agenda in a nut shell. This is what GLAD, the LGBT weirdos, and truthfully a lot of Liberal Democrats support. I wonder how soon Obama will pardon Mr. Lombard?

Where are the 88 Duke professors who were persecuting the Duke Lacrosse team? Where are those Democrat activists?

You don't have to ask Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Ther are sniffing around the Jackson camp looking for pieces (Drudge had a picture, http://wcbstv.com/slideshows/Michael.Jackson.Memorial.20.1066096.html, of Sharpton "grinding" a woman at the Apollo in NYC at a Jackson "memorial".) of the Jackson estate.

Meanwhile, why isn't Child Protective Services in North Carolina going into the Homosexual commune and confiscating all the children like it was a Mormon Polygamist colony?

Where is the outrage about a White Homosexual Pedophile adopting a Black boy because they are easier to get, and they don't tell the authorities on you?

Why isn't the Government of North Carolina cleaning out Duke of its perverts and bigots?