Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hipocritical Leftie Humor

Excuse me, but if someone made a joke about Joe Biden shooting and torturing friends, not only would they be condemned in and out of the media, but the Secret Service would be paying them a call. Why does Obama not only get a pass, but applause? Is it because he's Black? A Socialist? A Leftie Boor?

This reminds me of Willie Brown out in California making racist jokes while Speaker of the CA Assembly. The press corps laughed at all the jokes. When questioned about their behavior, the press lied about it. I especially questioned the reporter from the Orange County Register's behavior and lie to the paper's ombudsman. The reporter lied only to be caught in that lie when radio station KOGO played the newsconference including the press' laughter. To his credit, Pat Riley, the Register Ombudsman retracted the denial and chastised the reporter for lying.

If only the major media, newspapers, and magazines had honest ombudsmen (and women) who would do the same job holding the media to a modicum of decent behavior and honesty. They don't. You don't have to look. In fact, the ombud for the LA Times is a liar, too.

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