Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Media Proves it is in the Tank for Obama

ABC is refusing to allow anything but Obama's propaganda on their "special" (more like the "Church Lady's" 'Isn't that SPECIAL!') on Health care. ABC is going as far as to refuse to sell time to anyone with an opposing view point. This is more than an Obama Infomercial. I think the RNC ought to try to get a Federal Injunction to force ABC to either sell time and make the DNC pay for the Special or make equal time during the special for opposing plans and facts. We all know Obama is a liar.

Next is the flap with the Flint Journal. Their reporter FALSELY claimed Rush Limbaugh came up with the idea to bulldoze 40% of Flint to preserve city resources and make city services sustainable. The paper even shutdown comments on their article telling the paper that the story was completely bogus. In fact, I posted Sunday a different URL stating the same thing that Limbaugh read from.

Not only did the paper refuse to back off its propaganda, nothing else to fairly describe it, they quoted the county official who pushed the idea who blamed Limbaugh for the idea, and that was contacted by the Obama administration to do the same idea in up to 50 other US cities.

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