Saturday, June 27, 2009

There is No Such Thing As A Decent, Honest, Moral Democrat

Just laying it out there. If there were any, they would be storming their party leaders and representatives demanding they do right, not the constant wrong since November.

He Left Them To Die

Obama left the Sea of Green in Iran to die at the thugs' hands. If Obama has a conscience, that is what is keeping him up at night, not fretting about paying for his massive spending binge.

Obama never intended to pay, just punish the producers with taxes. The man hates America, Capitalism, and Judeo-Christian everything.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Media Proves it is in the Tank for Obama

ABC is refusing to allow anything but Obama's propaganda on their "special" (more like the "Church Lady's" 'Isn't that SPECIAL!') on Health care. ABC is going as far as to refuse to sell time to anyone with an opposing view point. This is more than an Obama Infomercial. I think the RNC ought to try to get a Federal Injunction to force ABC to either sell time and make the DNC pay for the Special or make equal time during the special for opposing plans and facts. We all know Obama is a liar.

Next is the flap with the Flint Journal. Their reporter FALSELY claimed Rush Limbaugh came up with the idea to bulldoze 40% of Flint to preserve city resources and make city services sustainable. The paper even shutdown comments on their article telling the paper that the story was completely bogus. In fact, I posted Sunday a different URL stating the same thing that Limbaugh read from.

Not only did the paper refuse to back off its propaganda, nothing else to fairly describe it, they quoted the county official who pushed the idea who blamed Limbaugh for the idea, and that was contacted by the Obama administration to do the same idea in up to 50 other US cities.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Irresponsible Liberals

Yes, by their own protestations, Liberals are not responsible for any of the damage they do. Liberals are never responsible for anything except more misery.

Watch, Obama's bankrupting the US and the Libs will blame the evil Wall Street Jooooossssssssss.

Michigan, The Result of Liberal Government

Canadian import, Gov. Granholm, has ruined and bankrupted Michigan to the point where counties have to revert paved primary roads to gravel roads to save money.

I don't know if you have ever driven a gravel road year 'round, but they are hard on cars, prone to potholes and washouts, and hard to keep clear in winter.

If anything bespeaks failure of Liberal policies, it is America's car capital reverting to gravel roads.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Liberals Turn Good Into Bad

Only the perverted mind of a Liberal can turn a good thing, sex, into a weapon of hate. That Playboy list of Conservative Women to Hate F*ck is more proof that Liberalism is a sickness fueled by hate. I've always said no one hates like a Liberal.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Obama Flunked Econ 101

Obama is now saying that Congress can borrow to cover deficits. Well, buddy, that is not "Pay as you go", that is "I will gladly pay you on Tuesday for a Hamburger today!"

If you don't know where the 2nd quote came from, you are too young. Go eat your spinach.

When will Obama be held accountable for his lies?

Monday, June 8, 2009

Who Said Democrats Obey The Law?

In NY, the Democrats were ousted as the majority in the state's senate. To try to forestall the action, the Democrats turned out the lights and RAN!

When Willie Brown organized a coup in the California Legislature, the GOP didn't act like spoiled children, they worked their way through it and recalled the turncoat made speaker by Brown.

The NY Democrats are not serving the people, just as the Democrats in Texas who ran to Oklahoma rather than see a redistricting plan enacted that eliminated some of their gerrymandering. Each one of those Democrats ought to have been stripped of their office for running to OKLAHOMA.

All Democrats ought to be voted out of office and placed in mental institutions if they can't handle being deprived of power.

Supreme Court Rule in Bias Case To Bite Sotomayor

Now, the article is about the ruling by the Supreme Court, 5 to 4 that judges must recuse themselves when large contributors have a case before them, and that the victimized party can sue to have such a judge removed from the case. I actually agree with the Libs on this one.

Where they won't agree with me is that Ginsburg and Sotomayor would have to recuse themselves from any ACLU Case (Ginsburg) or any MALDEF/LaRaza/MeCHa case (Sotomayor).

Also, this ruling will narrow the list of Supreme Court Candidates for Obama and future Presidents. A smart President is not going to nominate judges with bias baggage to any Federal bench because the Senate can raise the bloody shirt of Bias Recusals.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Another Obama Soak The Rich Scheme

Obama won't quit until he reduces America to Zimbabwe. He wants to tax the producers of wealth to fund his give away of "free" health care to the Democrat voting poor. He doesn't believe that the rich will change their domiciles like Sen. Tom Harkin does to avoid taxes, yet be certified a citizen of Iowa by a Democrat Election official.

When there is no funds coming, like the last time the Democrats pulled this stunt with their Luxury tax to start the Clinton years, unemployment coffers ran dry, tax receipts plumeted, and the taxed businesses almost went out of business. Democrats are idiots.

Will someone make all the Obama tax cheats pay these taxes, like Charlie Rangel, Geithner,...?

Will Obama tax away Actor's and Producer's pay when they make over $500,000?

How about a 25% surcharge on large contributions to the Democrat party? Will the Democrats be true Socialists, or money grubbing Nazis?

The Protector of Mecca and Medina Plays Coy Game With Obama

The Saudi King knows Obama is a good little Kenyan Muslim and obedient. He knows that telling Obama to impose a solution means for the US to destroy Israel for the Arabs so that the Arabs don't have to fail at killing the Jews anymore.

Barack Hussein Obama is SNUBBED in Saudi Receiving Line

Just look for yourselves. Only one man passing by wishes to shake hands with Obama. He just wasn't the star of the show next to the Protector of Mecca and Medina.

The Saudis know an Apostate Empty Suit when they see and hear one.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Cuban Moles (Spys) Caught

For 30 years the Meyers spied for Castro. This is a bi-partisan failure to detect such people. Eventhough they are in their 70s, they should both have to do hard time upon conviction.

I wonder how many of our agents this couple got killed?

Hillary Clinton needs to clean out the Anti-American Traitors and Spies out of the State Department now. Nixon wasn't wrong about the State Department, and things have not gotten any better since then.

GE Persecutes Critical Media

Where I work, GE is a two letter swear word. This is one corporation that makes money in spite of themselves.

GE pushed the 6 sigma program to eliminate mistakes with their supplyers and trading partners. Too bad they didn't listen themselves. None of their divisions interface well with the others.

We had a simple project with them, automate Remittance Advices to go with the EFT payments we make to them. It took 6 months to do what it takes usually a week or less to do with much smaller companies. My opinion, too much dead wood in their management ranks.

Maybe GE ought to look at eliminating the dead wood starting with Immelt.

If GE corporate can't take a little questioning from the shareholders, maybe a complete corporate financial audit is in order. Find out what Immelt is hiding, especially with NBC/Universal.

Actually NBC should be owned by GM for damages caused by that stunt with the rigged explosion of a Chevy pickup truck

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Raise Taxes and Chase Jobs Out Of The Country

Obama and his assorted pinheads do not know what they are doing. The think companies are going to sit still and pay higher taxes. BULL! They will move the jobs to a more hospitable tax climate outside of the US.

There is no Constitutional way Obama can order companies not to shift jobs out of the country. Once a job is overseas, it is gone leaving a US citizen unemployed.

Licensing Tax Preparers

This is a real no brainer. If the tax forms were not so complicated in the first place, you wouldn't need tax preparers with PhD's in tax law to fill out your tax forms.

Congress, take your craniums out of your rectums. Make the tax laws simple. Stop hiding how you are ripping off the people and playing Karl Marx.

Obama Dealer Scam

Now, why is it so hard for the Obamists, the Democrat Party, Government Motors and UAW Motors, and Obama to truthfully explain why all these dealers have to be shuttered IMMEDIATELY?

Let's look at who the surviors donated to versus who the victims donated to, then how many cars they were selling. You will see Obama getting even with donors who didn't donate to him.

How does fewer dealers lower manufacturer costs when the dealers have to BUY the cars from the manufacturers and take out loans to finance the cars until they are sold?

How do you justify the short window to sell the cars because GM and Chrysler are not taking back their cars or shipping them to other dealers who will pay the invoice price for them?

This is another Obama shaft of the people.

It is Obama's Actions, NOT Words You Have To Watch

Two shootings in the US.

Dr. Tiller is killed by a gunman. Obama and Eric Holder order extra security for places that kill babies. Can't have these killers of the innocent unprotected.

Two soldiers in uniform, are shot, one killed on an Arkansas street in front of a recruiting office. Obama and Holder do nothing and say nothing. See, to them, the protectors of America and America's freedoms are clay pigeons to be shot at will. They are disposable, just like Obama's last lie.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Israel In A BInd

I think Obama is selling out Israel, and not even getting a Monica in return. Obama will say yes to anything the Protector of the Holy Cities of Mecca and Medina wants. Ergo, Israel might as well move to NYC or march into the sea.

With Obama saying Iran can have nukes, when do the fireworks begin? Clinton and Carter let North Korea have nukes and look what we have now. World War 3 is coming just like Chamberlain invited WW2. Obama is our Chamberlain.

Now, I had a thought/question. If Israel realizes they only have one shot to save themselves, do they assassinate Obama to get rid of the sellout? They are dead if they do nothing. They are probably dead if they nuke Iran. What are their odds of survival after taking out Obama?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

More Questions To Ask Sotomayor (that won't be asked)

1. Is the Bill of Rights a restriction upon Government or very limited rights granted the people.

2. How does Redistribution of Wealth as the President espouses fit under the Constitution?

3. What is to prevent you from coloring your decisions with your racist views?

4. Which rights trump the other: Government Rights or Private Property Rights?

5. What is Treason in your eyes?

6. What crimes are acceptable to you if committed by a minority?

Domestic Act of War?

In Arkansas two soldiers were shot by a yemeni trained Jihadist. An American jail convert to Islam. Isn't anyone checking on what these Islam prosletizers are saying in the jails and prisons?

This is one of many terrorist actions carried out by jail converts to Islam. Why isn't dear Janet and her Homeland security people putting this catagory of people on the national watch list? Could it be because they are Black and Muslim that Obama has ordered them to be protected from federal agencies?

As for the Arkansas shooter, put him in front of a military tribunal. When convicted, escort him to a waiting firing squad, and carry out the sentence.