Sunday, April 19, 2009

Democrats Hate Military Voters and Hate Fair Voting

I know that is a slap in the face to the tribe of the Donkey, but it is true. Over at the Green Bay Press-Gazette forums I started a thread titled "Democrats Hate the Military and Cops" after a couple of Professional Democrats started threads dumping their hate of cops starting with the idiot in Dallas, but continuing on with all cops. Couldn't convince the Professional Democrat Apologists that their silence was support for the Democrat Party Cop Haters. They were drinking too much DNC Kool-Aid to get it.

I then started the thread specifically pointing out how the Democrats, both activists and elected office holders were disenfranchising the Military vote in the Congressional District of the woman that replaced Hillary Clinton in the Senate. This is where it gets good. Most of the Professional Democrats steered clear of that thread because I had the Democrat Party dead to rights, literally, but one Donkey had to keep apologizing and excusing the Donkeys. It took him a week of searching (and begging his handlers) to find an article about "caging". Well this Donkey, like all Donkeys, think that ONE example of GOP wrong excuses a universe of Donkey wrongs. It don't balance that way and Donkeys will never get that. In the end, this Donkey admits the Democrats in New York were wrong, but goes on the attack to mitigate that damage to the Democrat brand. I asked him to show me what he has done to stop the Democrats from denying the Military votes. He deflects and goes on personal attacks, meaning he has done nothing and must be ashamed to admit it.

Now, the Donkey complains that every vote must be counted, the Gore Mantra of 2000. What he and the Democrat party mean is that every DEMOCRAT vote must be counted only, like in Soviet Russia for the Communist Party. In Minnesota, a long Donkey haven, there is a great amout of vote fraud and hankypanky, but the Donkey Apologist from the Press-Gazette won't acknowlege it, nor will he ever demand that his party act for fair voting. Not in Minnesota, and Not in Wisconsin, heaven forbid that all valid votes be counted, but not the dead or ACORN registered fraud.


  1. PCD - you know their rules...

    1. Vote early, vote often
    2. Every vote counts, unless you are in the military or a member of law enforcement

    And last but not least:

    3. Free speech for me, but not for thee

    Dude - things will get better...just need to get the Donks and RINO's out of Congress and get people in that will listen to US! Change is in the air...need to fan the flames of freedom once again and hold elected representatives accountable for their actions.

  2. Oh, doc, get this, the Professional Democrat Apologist thinks you don't exist. That's another thing such people are, hypocrites.