Saturday, June 6, 2009

GE Persecutes Critical Media

Where I work, GE is a two letter swear word. This is one corporation that makes money in spite of themselves.

GE pushed the 6 sigma program to eliminate mistakes with their supplyers and trading partners. Too bad they didn't listen themselves. None of their divisions interface well with the others.

We had a simple project with them, automate Remittance Advices to go with the EFT payments we make to them. It took 6 months to do what it takes usually a week or less to do with much smaller companies. My opinion, too much dead wood in their management ranks.

Maybe GE ought to look at eliminating the dead wood starting with Immelt.

If GE corporate can't take a little questioning from the shareholders, maybe a complete corporate financial audit is in order. Find out what Immelt is hiding, especially with NBC/Universal.

Actually NBC should be owned by GM for damages caused by that stunt with the rigged explosion of a Chevy pickup truck

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