Sunday, February 22, 2009

Class Warfare or Inciting Civil War?

Barak Obama and Eric Holder are talking down not only the economy but race relations, too. Do these radicals plan not only aggrevating the Class Warfare the Democrats practice, but do they intend on inciting a Civil War with their rhetoric?

I don't know. It seems both either don't know there are limits to the subjects they push or the know them and are bound to destroy this Republic in order to create something like Mugabe tried to create in Zimbabwe, but instead of their Utopian result, we'll get a bigger mess than Zimbabwe is.

Is She Enough?

Many of you have heard about the woman who had 9 breast augmentation surgeries. For those who haven't, the State of Texas allowed 8 surgeries, but stopped the 9th because the surgeons had used the state limit of one gallon of silicone in this woman's implants. She shopped around on line and found a surgeon in Brazil who would do a 9th surgery. The woman is making the PR and late night show rounds showing off her 38KKK breasts.

I'll not give further publicity to this idiot, but will make this comment to her and to those like her who seek breast enhancement not for astetic necessity, but for attention. Honey, if you weren't enough before the multiple surgeries, you surely aren't afterwards.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Some Emergency

Right, the legislation Obama just had to have right now to sign can wait until he's done vacationing in Chicago.

If any of you ever believe a word out of this man's mouth, you are either stupid or a professional Democrat hack.

Oh, really, money that won't be spent for 18 months or more just had to be allocated RIGHT NOW?? You, the people, can't look at the legislation before it is passed? It's an emergency! Yeah, right, an emergency is any thing a spoiled child wants, and Obama is playing the spoiled child to the hilt. Like a spoiled child, once he got what he wants, he dropped the toy and walked away.

No, I don't expect Mr. Obama will ever want a beer with me even if I paid for it.

Will Lotteries Survive?

I really question that state lotteries will survive. As it is, the state grabs money from the ticket buyers, the grabs again from the winners. Democrats have always taken the position that life's winners do not need all they've been given. The state taking s "little bit" won't hurt them. But will state lotteries survive when the greedy and envious Democrats decide to make the reward of winning the lottery not worth it to the winner?

Winning the lottery is alway the dream of people who aren't rich enough to tell the nanny state to go to Hell. Right now the nanny state is saying the taxpayers and lottery winners have had 8 years of being selfish and the party is over. The little guy, lottery winners, too, will be paying the taxes the Big Democrats don't pay, and the state will be stomping on the dreams of people to get the diaper (always on your butt and full of crap) the government is off their backs.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Stimulus Bill Will Fail!

For too long I've held my tongue about this "stimulus" package. It is not that at all. It is a package that will bankrupt America. It won't stimulate anything except tingles down Chris Matthews' leg.

Just how do I know that? I was in Orange County California when they went bankrupt. I pulled aside the Chairman of the Orange County Supervisors, William Steiner, at church and told him the whole "investment" scheme cooked up by the lone elected Democrat, the county treasurer, was wrong. Needless to say, he didn't take my advise, but when Steiner was called before a Grand Jury investigating the bankruptcy, Steiner named me as one person who told him the scheme was wrong.

A Dubuque Rabbi feeling his Democrat oats a few years ago opined in the T-H that he didn't know how such a rich county could go bankrupt. That Rabbi didn't know one thing about the cause of the bankruptcy, but figured it would be a nice smear on the Republicans. I'll say it again, in case anyone is listening, you can't tax and spend your way out of governmental difficulties. This recession is just the same. The Democrat majorities in the House and Senate can pass a Pork bill with out a single GOP vote, but other than the Democrats that receive the money, there is no lasting, meaningful stimulus to it.

Before you come after me in your state of denial and Obama worship, do your research and be prepared to tell me detail by detail that there is $500 Billion of real, sustained stimulus that ALL Americans will benefit from within 1 year in this bill. Otherwise, it is just a pork bill that will bring on another Depression, and you are too blind and partisan to admit it.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Leonard Pitts, an Example of the Laziness and Dishonesty Populating Liberal Democrat Pundits

Mr. Pitts wrote a juvenile, if not churlish, column castigating one of his readers for the crime of disagreeing with Mr. Pitts over the meaning of Rush Limbaugh's statement that Mr. Limbaugh did not wish the President to succeed. Mr. Pitts, like the disgraced and dishonest organization, Media Matters, took an accurate quote out of context to score political points DISHONESTLY.

Mr. Limbaugh turned the rhetorical device of Democrat Appeasers upon the head appeaser, President Obama, in that Mr. Limbaugh states that he supports the President, but not the Presidents mission to turn America into a Socialist country. I would say, to be more accurate in the prediction, Mr. Obama will try to turn the US into another Zimbabwe failure.

How many Democrats said they supported the troops, but not the mission? When called on their dishonesty, the Democrats took umbridge at being called on their lack of patriotism. Again, the Liberals were wrong. It was their ethics and lack of cognitive reasoning that was called into question. Like Elaine Rattner on a US Naval Ship during the Gulf War and hoping the Iraq war fails, was confronted with the question of how many of her shipmates did she want to die, and which ones, Mr. Pitts chooses to let his Limbaugh Derangement Syndrome run wild and his brain to go dormant while he creates a strawman to beat his opponents with.

Democrats see Socialism as their ticket to perpetual power. They can not argue effectively to gain support for their ideas, but they must lie, be deceitful, and destroy all opposition in any way possible in order to feel that they won. Mr. Pitts subscribes to these tactics and instead of writing a column taking on criticisms of the "Pork for Life" bill, he goes to his favorite strawman, the schoolyard denials, and supposed "tit for tat". When your arguments can't win on their own merits, Democrats like Pitts obfuscate, deflect, and hide where they can not be challenged.

I have not commented upon the color of Mr. Pitts' skin, although his fellow Liberal Democrat columnists, Donna Brazile, Clarance Page, and Gwen Ifill would play the race card to attempt to stiffle opposition. I also did not refer to Democrat payback for Air America failing, or Democrat desires to avenge getting caught trying to steal the election in Florida in 2000, or for revenge for Impeaching Bill Clinton.

Mr. Pitts, out of thousands of emails you claimed to have received, don't you think you could have more honestly dealt with those disagreeing with you? Maybe if you weren't such an elitist looking down your nose at your readers, you might notice that your readers are going elsewhere for more honest opinions.

It Really is Not in the Interest of the Democrat Party to End this Recession

It really is not in the interest of the Democrat party to end this recession. They will use the crisis to pass spending bills (Partisan Pork) that they couldn't pass in normal times. They will be utterly shameless in destroying the economy to enslave the US Poplulation to their rule for as long as they can.

Too bad more people do not remember the Jimmy Carter Administration so clearly. Do they remember the Clinton Tax hikes that formented the 1994 repudiation of Democrat (mis)rule.

The Loose Cannon Is About to Start Firing!

Greetings! This is my introduction.

This blog is about my thoughts and observations. I am going to skewer sacred cows and pompous "donkeys". I'd use another word for donkey, but that would not be allowed.

I will moderate comments. Some jerks will never appear. Let them find their own space to trash.
This blog is my space to point out what others either ignore or give short shrift to. You don't like it,