Tuesday, May 26, 2009

OK, Let's Get To Work!

Sue me! I took the Memorial Day weekend to go to a wedding, celebrate my youngest's High School Graduation, get my family together for the first time in too long of time, and I paid my respects to my father and other vets Monday morning.

In all I spent 24 hours in my cars. Maybe I'll tell you what went wrong with the "Parts Bin Special" another day.

While I didn't listen to the pundits or the President, I did hear that people are tired of being unemployed, tired of being taxed and not getting anything for it, and that broken things aren't being fixed.

My answer is to sweep the Democrats and RINOs from office and try a real Conservative agenda, not raging socialism, not Moderates and their 1000 sets of direction, and definitely not big government RINOs.

Let's directly address problems, injustices, and broken laws, not point fingers, convene truth commissions, listen to Hollywood big mouths, or listen to surrendercrat "euroweenies".

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