Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Potheads Are In Control

I remembered back to my college days. I remembered the potheads toking in their rooms with towels stuffed under the door to keep the pot smoke from wafting through the hall. (It never worked dopers.) While they were smoking, they would talk LOUDLY about taking over states and ending pot busts, legalizing pot, and even making the straights pay so they could sit and toke all day.

They have gotten their way with Obama. Look at Eric Holder ending raids on Canibis Buying Clubs that were shell fronts for addicts toking up. Look at Obama's legislation. Smoking Tobacco bad. Smoking weed good.

George Soros must be laughing his donkey off that he can toke and not worry about doing a perp walk on the nightly news.

People wonder why Obama's administration is so undisciplined and unfocused. Well listen to a pothead, then listen to Obama. What real difference is there?

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