Sunday, April 5, 2009

Guns or Nuts, Which Need to be Locked UP?

We will be hearing from the Obamists that guns need to be taken away from law abiding citizens to prevent future shootings. Note, they don't say that guns should be taken away from known criminals and gangs.

Nothing will be said about locking up known nuts and the role of the Democrat party and the ACLU for keeping nuts on the street. They have rights, y'know. Only thing is Democrats and the ACLU put the rights of criminals, illegals, non-citizens, and nuts before the law abiding citizens.

You won't see money plowed back into mental asylums where the violent and dangerously insane should be locked up. What are they afraid of? Are they afraid some one might lock up senior Democrats like Pat Leahy or Nancy Pelosi or renown pothead and Democrat financier, George Soros?

Democrats use the crises created by the very nuts they leave out on the street to restrict the law abiding and take away THEIR Constitutional rights.

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