Friday, March 13, 2009

Americans didn’t vote for a Rush to failure, but that is what they got

The Democrats in their anti-Limbaugh campaign decided to erect a billboard in Rush's home town saying, “Americans didn’t vote for a Rush to failure.” The sad truth is that in 50 plus days of the Obama Administration and Democrat majority in Congress a RUSH to pass stupid pork riddled legislation that benefits primarily Democrat supporters is what America got.

The Democrats pushed and rushed the legislation through so fast they couldn't read it, they couldn't allow Republicans and the public to read it, and now lie about what was done. It all had to be a "Bum's Rush" to get it signed into law before the public rose up against it all.

Hillary Clinton said during her campaign that she had lots of ideas, but America couldn't afford them all. Obama is proving the same for himself, to the detriment of America's future.

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