Sunday, May 17, 2009

No Affirmative Action For Liberal Commenters

At Patterico's Pontifications, Guest Blogger DRJ explains her rules. I have nothing wrong with that or that she posted her rules. I do disagree with giving Liberal Commenters Affirmative Action to be jerks, boors, liars, cheats, sockpuppets, and otherwise Liberal Democrats. Here's the URL to the specific post:

I like DRJ. I think both Scott Jacobs and FMFNavyDoc also like DRJ. With that, I am taking the focus of this post off DRJ. This post is not intended to at all castigate DRJ. I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

I do not believe that Liberal Commenters need any more "rights" or privileges to be accepted than anyother commenter. That Liberals demand such a concession is more evidence that they are losers in the arena of ideas and that they can't debate or behave normally.

Liberals have all the venues they need to post their cartoons as comments, Libel Conservatives, post lies and half truths, photoshop documents like the faked Obama Birth Certificate, and just be nasty name callers. I don't believe that if they can't take their own medicine that they have to be protected. If they feel they have to be able to dish it out with out taking the same in return, then what they dish out is not worth posting, and if they are too baby-ish, then they need not come here either.

Usually Liberals love to have Conservatives banned from commenting at any open venue for comment. They can't win in an environment where you have to have honesty, proof, and civility. That is one reason you don't see them here.

I don't accept wikipedia as proof, nor do I accept any posts or cut-and-pastes from Liberal Propaganda sites. With that weapon denied them most Liberals are defenseless and compound that with my not allowing them to lie here, they don't come here.

I do welcome debate, but HONEST debate.


  1. First, I hope you know I don’t take this personally at all. I like a good debate and this is a worthwhile topic.

    Second, I mulled over the same point you make here before I posted my rules. I thought liberals might object to my rules because they would feel slighted I considered special accommodations for them. Instead of amplifying on that point, however, I decided to wait and see what developed in the comments.

    Third, I eventually expanded on this topic later in the comments. Specifically, I said “my goal isn’t leniency when it comes to the logic of a person’s position.” Instead, my goal is to do more to make sincere liberal commenters feel welcome. Why? Because I want to hear what they have to say, and I’m afraid they will be less likely to say it if they feel the environment is hostile.

    Fourth, and last, I applaud anything that encourages personal responsibility, and I view that as your strongest point. Ultimately, I may decide you are right and I am wrong. If I do, that will be the reason why.

    Comment by DRJ — 5/17/2009 @ 11:09 am

  2. I may not know how to finesse Blogger, but I do honor my commitments. DRJ's post is cut and pasted in place.