Sunday, May 3, 2009

I'm Tired of Obama's 2nd Stringer's Mistakes

In fmfnavydoc's blog, Obama's idiots start passing around a story of the Saudi King meeting with an Israeli Official while in the US. You would think these idiots would know to keep such things quiet. They don't.

I don't know how much diplomacy between Israel and the Arab world was blown to smithereens because some Obama yap had to open their mouth to the press to be a big shot. There are some initiatives that have to be kept quiet to work. Obama's people don't know this as they are all trying to carve themselves a piece of the limelight like their boss, Obama.

I also am holding it against this administration that they campaigned that they had an answer for everything. Well, where are the answers? How many trillions of dollars have to be wasted before we call this man and his travelling road show a failure and sweep him and his acolytes from office?

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  1. Hi, this is The Gun Toting Liberal and I wanted to drop by to thank you for your comment and to also tell you no, that name you mentioned is not MOI. Blog on :-)