Sunday, February 15, 2009

Will Lotteries Survive?

I really question that state lotteries will survive. As it is, the state grabs money from the ticket buyers, the grabs again from the winners. Democrats have always taken the position that life's winners do not need all they've been given. The state taking s "little bit" won't hurt them. But will state lotteries survive when the greedy and envious Democrats decide to make the reward of winning the lottery not worth it to the winner?

Winning the lottery is alway the dream of people who aren't rich enough to tell the nanny state to go to Hell. Right now the nanny state is saying the taxpayers and lottery winners have had 8 years of being selfish and the party is over. The little guy, lottery winners, too, will be paying the taxes the Big Democrats don't pay, and the state will be stomping on the dreams of people to get the diaper (always on your butt and full of crap) the government is off their backs.

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