Saturday, May 30, 2009

Car Industry

If Obama's goal is to reserve cars for rich elitists and politicians, he'll be moving to take away cars from the people not by banning them, but by making the current fleet too expensive to use and the new cars too crappy for the public's needs and taste.

Expect a Government Motors and UAW motors to come out with single person vehicles that are impractical in all ways, and "family vehicles that hold 2 adults and maybe a baby.

Ford will be under attack through CAFE standards, CO2 standards, union assault, and taxation. Unless Ford fights back by being super profitable and successful, they'll be bigger losers than the Lions.

Obama can't afford anymore political stunts like killing dealerships that didn't fund his campaign. That was a childish and stupid move on his part. He'll have to backtrack or payoff the dealers he damaged and destroyed. Unfortunately, it will be with taxpayer funds, not DNC coffers and Obama's personal wealth.

Obama and his car team better get a quick tutoring on economics. Pushing the parts suppliers like Visteon into bankruptcy is not going to help the Democrats at election time. There are thousands that will be laid off that won't be able to find jobs. They'll be angry and looking to get even with the idiots (Democrats) that killed their companies.

I would like to see the parts companies fight back through SEMA. They should market their parts through existing trade shows and market upgrade kits to keep older vehicles on the road. Maybe make upgrade kits that make that old Pontiac perform better and cheaper than GM made it.

Ford is putting a new 6 speed transmission in their cars. Why can't the transmission makers make an adaptation of that transmission for older Fords? Hey, My 97 T-Bird could use a 6 speed when my current overdrive 4 speed dies.

What do you say parts makers? Are you up to my challenge, or are you willing to die because you aren't in Obama's plans?

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