Sunday, June 7, 2009

Another Obama Soak The Rich Scheme

Obama won't quit until he reduces America to Zimbabwe. He wants to tax the producers of wealth to fund his give away of "free" health care to the Democrat voting poor. He doesn't believe that the rich will change their domiciles like Sen. Tom Harkin does to avoid taxes, yet be certified a citizen of Iowa by a Democrat Election official.

When there is no funds coming, like the last time the Democrats pulled this stunt with their Luxury tax to start the Clinton years, unemployment coffers ran dry, tax receipts plumeted, and the taxed businesses almost went out of business. Democrats are idiots.

Will someone make all the Obama tax cheats pay these taxes, like Charlie Rangel, Geithner,...?

Will Obama tax away Actor's and Producer's pay when they make over $500,000?

How about a 25% surcharge on large contributions to the Democrat party? Will the Democrats be true Socialists, or money grubbing Nazis?

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