Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Democrat Slavery

Obama and Liberal Democrats wish to impose a new slavery upon the US, that of their version of Socialism.

Color is not the determinant of who is the slave, but your religion and your politics are. Fundamentalist believers who do not subborn their religion to the state will be punished if not jailed for hate crimes. What hate crimes you ask. Don't worry, they'll make it up with rulings from Liberals already seated on Federal benches. Also, Conservatives will be targeted. Those who expect Liberals to hew to the written law are enemies of the Socialist state.

Obama is going to impose equality of outcome. No matter how lazy or how hard you work, you will be dependent upon the state for your food, clothing, housing, medical care, and energy. There will be no achieving. There won't be any "Slumdog Millionaires". Hollywood will be a hypocritical den of iniquity, but as long as they support the Socialist state, they won't be bothered.

There will be a class of elitists. They are the masters of the Socialist state. Their names are Reid, Pelosi, Obey, Kennedy, Kerry, Harkin, Murtha, Clinton, Soros, Buffet, Obama. In other words, the top Democrats who have sheltered their wealth from the redistribution of government. They will not pay their taxes, nor have their wealth redistributed.

DeTocville was right. When the ne'erdowells learn they can vote themselves riches from other people's pockets, they will and they will destroy democracy in the US.

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