Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Obama's Trickle Down Unemployment

This is not theory or rhetoric. You will see starting with the employees of the dealers being the first in the unemployment line. Next comes all the people these employees used to purchase goods and services from. The restaurant workers who no longer serve these people meals. The stores that no longer have these trickle down unemployed as customers, etc.

But it takes the voters to make the Democrats who brought this about unemployed too! Every Democrat you put and keep in office will be used as proof Obama Trickle Down Unemployment and unending bailouts works to tax America into prosperity.

Oh, I didn't add in the reduced volume of parts fewer dealerships will require. That means many companies in Chrysler's supply chain will lay off employees and/or close which causes the unemployment to cascade to other communities.

Government won't be collecting taxes from these people. Federal and State Governments will make more expendatures that government coffers don't have the money to pay for in unemployment and welfare benefits.

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