Saturday, March 7, 2009

Obama's True Plan

Obama's plan is simple, "STICK IT TO THEM!"

He loves the stock market going into the tank. He loves unemployment. He loves trying to govern like a mad dictator with an understaffed cabinet. Obama love surrendering to America's enemies.

In contrast, this is what I would do:

Repeal most of the spending passed. I'd only leave the real, shovel ready road and bridge projects in place. The states have diverted money from upkeep to pork for decades. The Mianus I-95 bridge fell because the Democrats in CT diverted highway maintenance funds to prop up Democrat machines in Hartford, Bridgeport, and New Haven.

Institute a real energy saving program with real, achievable standards. Insulate all viable homes to the standard. Bill the owner for what they reasonably can pay for the work. All living expenses would count as deductions, as would divorce, alimony, and child support payments. We don't want people to be strapped.

Scrap the income and dividend tax code entirely. Replace it with an end use sales tax of 20%. No VAT or Value Added Taxes, and the 20% is 15% for the Feds and 5% for the states. NO INCOME TAXES can be levied by any jurisdiction.

Permanently ban earmarks of any kind in Federal legislation.

Enforce the borders and deport all illegal aliens. If someone is here illegally, they have NO rights. If they commit a crime, they pay full restitution to the victim, even if that means working in prison until they die. If they kill, they will be executed with in 6 months.

Sit down with our ailing industries and work WITH them to get jobs and production going. That will take scrapping idiotic, bureaucratic regulations. Having public goals to meet, like a CAFE for reasonable cars and trucks.

And develop and produce CHEAP energy. Drill for oil off our coasts. Develop oil shale and clean coal deposits put off limits by Democrat Presidents. Force Al Gore to live in a tar paper shack in Montana like the Unabomber to prove how nuts they both are. Gore could stand to lose a few stones, too.

For mortgages, as a country we will have to eat quite a few of these, but the irresponsible will not be allowed to prosper, especially Clinton, Carter, Dodd, and Frank. Those four will have their fortunes confiscated to punish them for screwing up the credit industry. As a nation, we have to remove the social engineering from the credit markets, and remove the social engineers, too.

This is only a start. There is work to be done, but first, you have to get the Democrats out of the way by any means possible.

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