Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Crap Sandwich

I really had to think what was basically bothering me about this issue. It is both broad and narrow.

The narrow issue is the Democrat hatred of the Military down to denying soldiers, sailors, and airmen the basic right to vote for their representation. This article highlights the narrow issue. Democrats go to court to try to exclude the military from voting, especially where they are losing or have lost an office. It isn't just New York state in this special election to replace the Congresscritter that took Hillary's carpetbagger seat where Democrat partisan election officials worked tirelessly to exclude the military vote. It is Minnesota where again, Democrat partisans in office are denying military votes to sway the election to put AL FRANKEN of all donkeys in the US Senate. It is Texas, where Democrats regularly sue to throw out Military votes of personnel stationed in Texas or those that declare Texas as their home for voting to win a seat, any seat. It is Florida, where Al Gore's people famously fought to exclude Military votes from the 2000 election. It is Clinton/Gore who made it harder for the military to vote while deployed for the 2000 election. There are many more examples. THE UNDENYABLE TRUTH IS THAT DEMOCRATS HATE THE MILITARY AND WILL STOP AT NOTHING TO DENY THEM THE VOTE.

That is the crap sandwich Democrats have to eat. Where did I get that phrase? From a Professional Liberal Democrat defending the Democrat brand in this forum topic: Go to the 2nd page where "Mathys" talks about non-Democrats having to eat crap sandwiches because the Democrats won.

Back to the narrow issue. Professional Democrat brand defenders will admit in the NY case that the Democrats are wrong, but will then go on to try to make moral equivalents. There are none. The Democrats hate the military. Just go to CA and witness what the rank and file Democrats do to recruiting centers, how they run Military recruiters out of public places and schools. It is undeniable, except to the Professional Democrat defenders. That is the narrow issue.

The broad issue is that across the board, the Democrats in power want the public to eat every crap sandwich they can create to get even for years, if not decades, of Democrats being on the wrong side of issues. Democrats aren't right, but now as the party in power, they are making you eat crap sandwiches for holding them to account for being wrong.

This is Obama's agenda. To make you, the public, eat crap sandwiches for not being Socialists. For insisting that written, legislated laws be followed. For not being taxed into oblivion. For being successful. The Obama administration has a crap sandwich for you to eat to get even with you.

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  1. PCD - your right on target, buddy. Obama has alienated conservatives and the military - that is the start of it. Then he'll start with anyone that speaks out against him or his policies (remember his statement to the Donks in Congress about "I'm keeping score"?). Then it will be about those that "cling to their guns and bibles"...and go on from their.

    One other thing to point out...the video of him bowing to King Abdullah. King Abdullah's official title is "Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques", not "His Majesty"...I'll leave it for you to think through.