Saturday, July 24, 2010

Democrats Who Don't Pay Their Taxes Demand Others Pay More Than Law Requires

You've probably Obama's Tax Cheat Treasury Secretary is calling on the George Steinbrenner family to kick in the $500 million he thinks they owe as taxes. Bafungul!

Liberal Democrats universally duck their responsibilities, but always are looking to steal all everyone else has, and want to take away their freedoms, too.

A local Clarke College teaching student is a Socialist but refuses to acknowledge the fact no matter how many times he reinfoces that conclusion. Kris Miller will say he's not infavor of the government limiting one's income, but immediately he'll start his rants about taking $50,000 from the City Manager's salary to pay for a teaching position in Dubuque schools. In case you don't see the greed and selfishness in Miller, Miller is graduating and wants a union, guaranteed job paying a much as the teachers' union can extort from the taxpayers. Miller even wants a piece of the Steinbrenner fortune, the John Deere CEO's salary, and every other successful person's work because he knows he'll never amount to a hill of beans. He is just the usual Liberal Democrat--Stealing what he wants and justifying it with empty, redefined words.

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