Friday, August 13, 2010

Democrat Party, The Party of Hate

New Hampshire Democrats showing their true character wished Sarah Palin dead. Thank God for the Internet. These fools were exposed. One hater resigned, the other should, too, but Democrats revel in hate. Local example is Walter Pregler, former Mayor of Dubuque. He's always looking for someone to bully and fight with when he thinks he can win. Local Democrats keep him as the county party's secretary. Shows the level of hate Democrats have for everyone else.

Oh, during the UPS strike, Pregler wrote a letter to the paper saying that picket line crossers deserved to be peeled like a banana that is separated from the bunch. When confronted about the meaning of such a peeling, the local editor laughed it off and refuses comment on the issue there by showing his Liberal Democrat bias. Again, more support for Democrat violence.

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