Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Use Your Fatwas as Enimas!

I've been goofing off too long.

I am extremely put out by every Tom, Dick, and Harry Wahabist Mullah cashing in on their 15 seconds of fame by issuing a Fatwa demanding this person or that person be killed.

I'm in no way an artist. If I drew Mohammad, it would look like a Rohrshak test. I don't go out of my way to run down a religion, unless they ask for it, and Wahabists have been asking for martyrdom and not getting it.

Now if Cat Stevens or some barely literate idiot who can't reason beyond "alihu akbar" wants to come after me, I'll send you to Hell.

Other religions have been fair game for Islam to ridicule, especially Judiasm and Christianity. Now it is Islam's turn. They can either act like infantile children or grow up to take what they dish out.

When it comes to following their own tenants, how come Wahabists haven't put a Fatwa on Apostate Barack Hussein Obama? I'll be waiting for those interesting answers.

Until then, the so called Religion of Peace is nothing but a religion of violence and liars. I doubt I'll be proven wrong as on 9/11/01 millions of Muslims and their Mullahs were silent or even cheering the acts of Wahabist cowards.

Oh, Johnny Cash sums up my feelings to you cowards thusly:


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